First timers at T Rex for lunch 04/03/10

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    We had bought tickets ahead of time for Alice in Wonderland 3D and had plenty of time to kill for lunch. So we chose T Rex. I would have passed knowing it is noisy and over priced, but DH being the kid at heart has always wanted to eat there.
    Glad I did. Yes, the prices were a little hefty -- esp for lunch. But the food and service were good. And yes, the place is loud -- kids or no kids. But the decor was done pretty nice.
    We arrived sometime after 11:00 am. There was somewhat of a line just to be put on a list to be seated. However it went fast.
    I have the Safari Club card, which includes front on the line. But there were only two parties in front of us to be seated. So that was not an issue.
    I don't know what time they open for lunch, but we got the impression they may just have opened.
    We were seated in the ice room. (Restrooms are right there to the side.)
    Service was prompt. They have the usual variety for a RFC company menu.
    I ordered fish n chips. And I ordered a strawberry limeade to drink. Think it had Sprite or something and they called it a fizzle. Something like that. It was okay, and no free refills. Probably would not order that drink again. Seemed like a watered down, slightly flat and flavored Sprite.

    DH ordered the guac burger, and a Coke. He added a side of onion rings to the burger order.

    We did have to wait a bit for the food. Not an awfully long time. But if someone was really hungry they would have wanted an appetizer. We knew we would get more food than we normally would eat, and did not need an appy. Not unreasonably long. But to the point you hope it comes soon. ;)

    Worth the wait! My fish and chips were very good. Very good fish; four pieces. The fries are a waffle fry with a bit of seasoning. The fish n chips come in a large cone with tarter sauce and ketchup on small side holders.

    DH's burger was on a large kaiser bun and heaped with toppings. Looked like a salad on a burger.
    He said it was good. He did say burger-wise Five Guys has a better burger. What made this burger good was all the toppings.
    He liked the onion rings. Said they were not the best he has had. But a nice change from fries. Otherwise I am guessing the burger comes alone, or maybe with chips. But don't know. The server suggested the onion rings. So hard to say if normally it is the burger alone. Although the burger would be enough for a person to eat, if they could even finish it. The burger patty is probably a half pound.

    It was an enjoyable meal. The place was busy and getting more so by the minute. But not all the tables around us were full, and we left probably around 12:30. Although I will say I was starting to get a headache before we left. One thing about the ice room is the colors keeps changing. The bright pink is obnoxious. The cool blue is nice.

    Like RFC, I think the prices are hefty for what they serve. But the food was better than I expected. I would recommend their fish and chips, and that is probably what I would return for. The Safari Club at least helps the cost a bit. I would not return often, due to the $. But I would return.

    I did not notice any screaming, crying kids as I usually do at RFC. The kids at T Rex looked pretty happy and mesmerized.
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    thanks so much for the review .......sounds like it may be a place I would like to try next trip.
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    We loved T-Rex - went expecting to hate it but turned out we loved it and ended up eating there twice on our last trip.

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