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Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by quadgirl, Jan 13, 2001.

  1. quadgirl

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    Jan 9, 2001
    do to a car accident almost two years ago i will be going to disney this summer for the first time in a wheelchair am a quadaplegic with no hand movement and little arm movement how easy is it at disney for a person in a chair and any body have any tips to help make are trip easier

    never have to stand in line,always has a seat ,can,t feel the cold in winter,see there are good things about being a c4/5 quadaplegic.
  2. Wheelsie

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    Aug 22, 1999
    List some specific (as much as you can) questions and I and others will be more than happy to give you all of wealths of knowledge :) I, myself, am a para not a quad.....but I did see some quad people (I love to observe the world around me and see how other's get thru life) and noticed how they got by in some cases....Im sure its much different than me as a para..but I can also tell ya how I got along as well if ya want :) BTW...When are you slated to hit the World?

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  3. teri

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    Aug 22, 1999
    Welcome to the disABILITIES Board! Disney has guidebooks for guests with disabilities for each of the parks, and the reservations system has a special needs department to help with accomodations. There are many helpful tips and stories from people who have had good experiences in the parks on this board. If you can scroll down and read some of the threads, you will find plenty of good information. You will need to have somebody with you to assist you in getting on and off rides, as the Cast Members are not allowed to do transfers. They will help, but they can't do transfers themselves, or push chairs other than positioning them. The Disney castmembers usually do go out of their way to make things work so you can have the vacation you need.

    Let us know if you have any specific questions!

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  4. SueM in MN

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    Aug 23, 1999
    Welcome quadgirl. You did come to the right place.
    We have posters with many sorts of disabilites and even have some regular postes who are (or are married to) quads.
    Click here for a link to the DIS site mobility info page. There is lots of useful info here. If you scrool down toward the bottom, you will find which rides/attraction will accomidate you staying in your wheelchair. I'm assuming that you will not be able to transfer out to many rides from the level you say your injury is at., but there is still plenty to see and do. The Guidebook for Guests with Disabilites has some useful info, but is not all that helpful. The most useful info for you is going to be which rides can accomidate an o ccupied wheelchair. If you want a copy before you go, you can go to the official Disney site and download one (at least you could last time I went there). Click here for a link to the official Disney site.
    Ask as many questions as you can think of before you go and have fun.

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