First Time at Disney


A Disney fan to the heart
Apr 28, 2001
I asked this on the las t board, but I didn't get many Answers. I would like to know what the best thing are to do at Disenyworld. I'll be going to Disney for the first time since I was 4 in Nov. I'm now 15, so I have no clue what to do there. I'll be staying a week at Por Orleans, So any thing ya'll can tell me will be help full.
I don't know what the most fun thing to do at Disney World, but I like the rides and the setting of the Utopian community.
I think that the most fun things @ WDW is Rockin' Rollercoaster! Space Mtn, Splash Mtn, and Test Track are really good too. There are a lot of other rides that I like, but they would take up waaay too much space here! Also try to do a character meal. Those are fun.:bounce:
BUMP!!!!! I need more adivise. I'm still so very lost at what to see first.:earseek:
This is my advice to anyone who's staying in a Disney Resort; Make good use of the early entry privillige! You can get into selected parks before the rest of the guests and this really is worth doing-the lines are shorter, everywhere is quieter and you can get alot done.
There's alot more I could write about WDW, but I'd be here for a long time!! of my favourite things about it is the atmosphere. Sure, the rides are fantastic but WDW just wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for it's magical atmosphere. From the moment you arrive you are treated like royalty. Enjoy!

If you have anymore questions regarding particular parks or aspects of WDW, feel free to ask and I'll yatter on some more!

P.S.DON'T miss Fantasmic-it's the greatest!:smooth:


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