First Haircut


DIS Veteran
Apr 22, 2011
We did the 1st Haircut package in September 2016 with our 18 month old. Technically he had a tiny trim about 6 months prior to going, but when we went he had a head full of crazy/wild curls. She did a great job cutting his hair and it was a significant haircut. She cut a lot of hair but still left him with some curls. We got 1st haircut ears, a certificate, and a pouch with some locks of hair. We took lots of pictures ourselves and the stylists posed for some pics with us. It was a great experience.

I do remember us having an appointment time and we got there early because our time fell in the middle of the afternoon parade. We planned to watch some of the parade and then go in for the hair cut. When I went to check in, they told us that he was having so much fun watching the parade to go ahead and wait until it was over. They took us right afterwards. Everyone was super friendly and polite.

Had I been able to get an appointment, I would have taken him again when we went in 2017 for a regular cut.


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