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Feb 25, 2003
Weighed in Monday, gained 4/10ths of a pound. Now, I've stayed within my point range. What's up with that! Don't feel I've done any better so far this week, either. Always happens to me. Lose 5 and stop. Am exercising, keeping within my points range, eating my fruits and veggies, drinking the water. I'm not feeling too successful here. My reward seems to be slipping through my fingers! Uh oh. I sound depressed. HELP!
Ah, m'dear, you've come to the RIGHT place!!!

Let's chase those blues away. I had my share of them this week too, but today I am DETERMINED to get back into my blissful state!!! :)

Let's see...we can always say the bloat fairy visited you. Unfortunately our weight can fluctuate a little or alot depending on fluid retention.

Just keep doing what you are doing! I know time seems to drag by when I am carefully measuring out my portions, drinking my water, exercising, etc. It's like I can't get to my weigh in day fast enough, and heaven forbid the scale not move much (or move the wrong way!) BUT we have to keep on keeping on! Try to occupy yourself with some other thoughts!!

Make a list of things you will to do celebrate when you reach your goal. Splurge on some nice magazines and take some YOU time to just flip through the pages. If you are inclined to do so, buy some nail polish in a new color and paint your fingernails or toes!

Sending you lots of "cheer up" hugs! Being depressed is the pits (I know!) but we're here to help you along the way!!!!
TigH gave you a lot of good advice and I agree that it is probably just water gain. Try drinking a little extra water for a couple days and I bet you'll see a difference!

Also, it could be that you're gaining muscle since that weighs more than fat. Have you measured yourself lately? You might be losing inches!

Don't let this cause you to have a setback. Remember the 5 lbs. you have lost - that's great!

Hang in there,
Hang in there Princess! It's only one week- things will change by next week. 4/10ths of a lb is not much- heck- an 8 oz. glass of water weighs almost twice that much!!! You have made an excellent choice in posting about your sadness , instead of eating it away! We are all here for you to cheer you on and help you through this bump in the road. YOU CAN DO THIS! Stay strong and don't give into temptation! If you stick with it, your sense of a positive self esteem will over ride any bad feelings you have now- and that is worth the reward in and of itself! Hang in there girl!

Thank you, my friends. Will keep on keeping on! I know I'm not the only one who had bad months. ;) Better get to that water glass.....
{{{HUGS}}} sweetie. We all have days when we feel like you feel today. It's no fun to feel like that is it? Lucky for us, we have WISH, where everyone understands <i>exactly</i> how you feel. We are also lucky that we don't all feel this way at the same time, wouldn't that be a mess? This way there is always someone around to help us when we are feeling sad :)

I think you have been visited by the bloat fairy. And if has been at your house for the reason I'm thinking, that would explain, maybe, why you are feeling down, too ;)


Hang in there. This fluid will leave eventually. Give us a smile, now. Print off this picture of the bloat fairy and throw darts at it, that might help you get rid of some of your bad feelings :teeth:
I'd hate to throw darts at THAT bloat fairy! He's kinda cute! ;) Unfortunately, I bloat during and while PMSing. My muscles weigh too much, and there's so much water in me, I could sink the Disney Magic! :D Hey, depression has passed, now just feeling the frustration! Thank you WISHer's!

OH GOODY!!!!!!!!!!! Depression has passed- that's half the battle- the other half can be taken care of by some walking, running or just good old fashioned flogging!!! You may pick who you would like to flog! :teeth: It's helps every time!!! ;)
I am glad you are feeling better!!!! :) I took myself out of the house for a few hours and I feel better too. I listened to a great tape in the car and it got me feeling SUPER happy and positive! Think of your thoughts as magnets. If you start thinking one negative thought, soon another and another and another show up and pretty soon you're feeling crummy. If you can somehow reach for a happier thought and just hold onto that for 17 seconds, then another happier thought will arrive, then another and another, and soon you are worked out of your funk and you're zipping around feeling great!!! So always try to reach for that happier thought (doesn't have to be the happiest thought in the world, just one that feels better than the negative ones you might be drowning in). It always works for me! :)

That, and bouncing like Tigger. ;)
Whew! Thank goodness the depression has passed.

Now, we just need to deal with that frustration you are feeling....I know! I'll tell you a story (okay, y'all I heard that, what to you mean <i>*groan*</i>? It's a short story. It is too...is too!)

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah, frustration. Okay, here's my story:

I lost 18 pounds the first three weeks on Atkins, 1/2 pound the 4th week (right after taking the WISH challenge) and then gained 7 pounds of fluid the 5th week, losing not one ounce during the month of February :(

I was very frustrated. I know just how you feel. {{{HUGS}}}

<i>See? I told y'all it was a short one...oh ye of little faith</i> :rolleyes:
I am glad the depression has passed for you...The bloat fairy is at my house this week too!! :rolleyes:

Cute story, Kath!! LOL
Hang in there and keep your chin up! We all have those times when the scales just don't seem to want to cooperate but between the water weight and the muscle gain I'm sure your stall is only temporary.

Put in your Disney vacation video and let yourself go on a make believe vacation. Or maybe a nice soak in the tub will chase those blues away. How about a hot cup of tea and a good book. Pamper yourself!! Things will look brighter tomorrow!

A dream is a wish your heart makes!
I don't know Kath- Personally- I like the flogging idea better then the story :rolleyes: BUT- I guess that princess lacks in violent tendencies due to the fact that she can't even throw darts at the bloat fairie. What is this world coming to?!?!?!? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Happy to hear you're doing better!
OOHHH, come on, KareBear! How could you throw darts at that loveable Fairy!!! :D I'm FEELING better, but not DOING better. This PMS munchy thing has got to go. Are there any magic spells out there to take these cravings away!!! :p

PS. By tomorrow I'll be back to my ole self and doing the flogging thing. Maybe the guys who are SUPPOSED to be putting up my new siding?
Oh, you are <i>definitely</i> feeling better :teeth:

Sure, save the flogging for tomorrow.

Now, go grab yourself a legal WW treat, drink some water, defrost the freezer, whatever it takes to make it through this food craving.

You can do this you know. Yes, you can. <i>Yes, you can</i>. <i><b>Yes, you can</i></b>.

Don't argue with me. Go eat some celery or something ;)
Princesses - go brush your teeth. It's sweet, it's good for your teeth and not much tastes good on top of toothpaste! It was a trick I learned in WW years ago.

You can do it! Take a little walk, turn on a beach video and imagine your self sunning on the sand.

And if you have to munch, carrots and celery!
I've brushed so often today, I'm out of toothpaste!! :jester: Took a big walk, and actually emptied the 5 gallon water bottle! :D Don't have to "think" about being on the beach, I AM the beach!! :p I move and hear the waves in my tummy!

Thanks for cheering me up Everyone!! I knew you wouldn't fail me!:Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc :Pinkbounc


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