Feeling Crap - and only a month to go to our holiday ** updated**

Discussion in 'UK Community Board' started by snookhams, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Jan 27, 2002
    I been back and forward to my gp for over 2 years now, with chronic fatigue, weight gain, tearfulness etc etc, have had numerous blood tests, to find out that I had a mild B12 deficiency so have injection every 3 months - no improvement. My thyroid tests have come back low and then in the normal range and then low again. GP would not prescribe thyroxine despite family history of underactive thyroid. But she did give me anti depressents with no effect - eventually 2 1/2 weeks ago did an urgent referal to hospital - so had my first appoint last Thursday for tests prior to seeing consultant - travel up to London to be told that I don't exist on their system, spent time on phone to GP and eventually they just took regular blood tests, and told an appointment would be sent for consultant. This week I have felt like crap no other word to describe it, I sleep constantly but feel like I have not slept enough, cry at the least little thing. despite dieting have put on 3lb! so phoned the hospital yestereday to chase appointment as not heard - first I was told that I had had my appointment last thursday but after 4 phone calls managage to get an appointment for 4th September - this will be 10 weeks from referral which was urgent. We are off the Florida in 4 weeks and although I love it and this will be our13th visit - I really don't want to go feeling like this! Really just wanted to vent - I am going to try and get a gp appointment today to discuss with her. Sorry just wanted to vent

    Just wanted to update you all - despite not feeling to good we had a great trip, and as you can see below we are booked to go back just the two of us next year.
    My hospital appt was for Yesterday morning - spent around an hour with consultant, who expressed her concern with my weight gain and then looked at my test results, which showed that my thyroid level was just within the normal range but the hormone produced by the pituatry gland to guide the thyroid was quite increased, she redid the blood tests and had a phone call at 6.15p.m. from her to say that it was raised further and she is going to start me on thyroxin, but I need a specialist blood test on Friday morning before I can start taking them. I was begining to think I was going mad or just imagining my symptoms - I sat and had a good cry after she phone just from sheer relief - wanted to update you after your kind words
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    :hug: So sorry to hear that you are feeling so low Claire, I hope your GP will take the time to listen to you today and prescribe what you need

    I hope you feel some holiday excitement soon too hun ::yes::
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    I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (which is an auto-immune thyroid disorder) and what you are describing sounds like typical symptoms of an under-active thyroid. Have a look at this website:
    It is pretty comprehensive. Are you seeing an endocrinologist? They seem to be more on the ball than GP's! I also have had B12 deficiency. perhaps you could be referred to your local hospital for further tests while you are waiting for the Consultant appointment.:confused3
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    It does sound like under active. That is exactly how I felt :(. Is it worth giving thyroid society a call?

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    I m sorry ur feeling so rough. It def sounds like underactive thyroid to me. I dnt know how u are financiially but i had a really bad rash when i was 20 all over and my gp kept messing me abt. In the end my mom phoned the surgery and asked for the dermatology consultants names and phoned their secretary to see them privately. I was seen in 2 days and then treated on the nhs .
    Just a suggestion hun but at least u will get things sorted before u go. Ur gp may get her butt into gear as well. Do u hv an iron deficency as well ? Tht causes tiredness. In my field sometimes GP's can be a bit lapse.

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