February Trip Report -- Part 4: Good idea, bad idea


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Aug 20, 1999
February 4, 2001

The cast:
Me (the 28 year old)
Dave O’Brien (the 34 year old)
The Other Dave (Dave O’Brien’s friend, didn’t ask age)

Good idea: Riding Dueling Dragons all morning long.
Bad idea: Filling up on the breakfast buffet before riding Dueling Dragons

We did not make it to early entry at USF. We woke up late! I did not have a hangover when I woke up. Actually, my buzz went away after two hours. The Daves seemed OK. We left around 8 am and hit breakfast. It seemed cold, but I decided to wear my DIS t-shirt and jeans. The Daves were bundled up in sweatshirts and jackets.

Under our door, we found an envelope. In it, was a card from the manager. He wrote an apology letter for the noise last night. We didn’t hear any noise. If anything, our room was the noisiest on the floor. In the card were six free drink coupons. We had two coupons each and they had our names on them. Dave was in heaven because he would have four drink coupons! The Other Dave would not be able to join us since he was leaving in the afternoon.

The Other Dave had to take his luggage down to the car, so Dave and I headed to the Sunset Grill for breakfast. The menu either had the breakfast buffet or you could order a la carte. There were two breakfast buffets – one with hot stuff like eggs, sausages, and bacon, and one with cold stuff like bagels, cereal, and pastries. The buffet with the hot stuff cost $13.95 and the buffet with the cold stuff cost $6.95. Dave and I had the hot stuff buffet.

I’ve eaten at breakfast buffets for much cheaper – around $6 or $7 with the drink. Those buffets were kind of greasy though. The buffet at the Sunset Grill was pretty tasty and less greasy. Even the eggs had little grease! Plus, this buffet included coffee, juice, and water. I thought it was a fair deal. The Other Dave came back and he had the cold stuff buffet. It was getting near to IOA opening, so we headed out.

We cut across the pool area. It was too cold that weekend to be swimming, but some people were. There was also steam coming off the water. Dave and I touched the water and it felt like it was 80 degrees! It would have been warm enough to swim, but coming out would be chilly, especially when you are wet!

We took the garden path to the parks. Dave tried to open the gate, but was having trouble. A few guests behind us were trying to open the gate, but were unsucesssful. We decided to jump the steel gate. To our surprise, someone had bent the gate in half and we could walk over it. It looks like someone else had the same problem! I did not want to meet the person who could bend a steel gate in half!

It was a pretty chilly morning and I could see my breath, but I did not think I needed a jacket. The Other Dave kept on asking if I was cold. If I keep on walking, I would be warm enough.

We arrived at IOA and walked to Dueling Dragons. Marvel Super Hero Island was pretty crowded. We walked through Seuss Landing and it was nearly deserted. I think we were the only ones walking through the Lost Continent. We made it to Dueling Dragons and we walked through the queue. The Daves wanted to read the book one last time.

We arrived at the loading station and rode the front rows of Fire and Ice. There was nearly no wait to ride. Then we rode on Fire in the back row. I try to avoid the back row of Fire because I almost got sick in it once. All total, we rode the dragons about nine times. The Other Dave only rode about seven times because he had to go to the bathroom. The trains were going out half full or less. As we were riding, I didn’t feel very well. The buffet was in my stomach like a rock and was trying to come back up. After our eighth ride, Dave and I felt like of nauseous and collapsed on the bench on baby swap. We were in pain! People walked by and were giggling.

Dave decided to go for one last ride on Fire. I almost didn’t join him, but I would try one last time. I made it without vomiting, but one more ride would have done me in. During our last ride, I met a board visitor, h20jag. He asked me if I was Barry and he introduced himself. I was on the coaster when he asked and he was on the loading dock. He said that he noticed my DIS t-shirt. I braved the cold weather for a reason! We also saw the Other Dave in the queue line.

That was the end of our Dueling Dragons ride. Dave and I didn’t feel very good and we were looking for a gentle ride to ease our stomachs. We decided to ride Jurassic Park River Adventure. This is a water ride and it was too cold to ride water rides, but we decided to avoid the front row and ride in the back. The wettest row tends to be the front row.

There was no wait. We didn’t get to ride in the back row on the boat. It was the handicapped row. It looks like the handicapped boat and a small seat that lowers up and down. It looked pretty neat. We were directed to the second to last seat. Nearly everything in the ride was working, even the T-Rex slash and the Hardasaur that bumps our boat off course. The only thing missing was the Ultrasaur at the beginning. Instead of the Ultrasaur, we saw a bunch of trees. The descriptive dialogue about the dinosaur was missing too. I suppose now he is meat at the Buger Digs!

After Jurassic Park River Adventure, Dave and I felt better. Our stomachs had settled down. Then the Daves wanted to ride Ripsaw Falls. It was too cold to be on that water ride, so I waited for the Daves on the bridge. I almost got a photo of them as they came down, but the batteries in my camera weren’t working! I will have to get some later.

The Other Dave had to go to Seuss Landing to pick up a gift, so Dave and I headed to Dr. Doom’s Fearfall. The regular wait was about 10 minutes, but we used FOTL. The FOTL line headed through the exit door. We got in after a few minutes. We were strapped in and shot up. I had a lot of airtime on this ride. It felt like my butt flew several feet off the seat! Not even Tower of Terror gave me that much airtime.

We were to meet up with the Other Dave in front of the Hulk. We had several minutes to kill, so I took a ride on Storm Force Accleratron. Dave decided to sit it out because he did not like teacup rides. Dave was going to watch for a few minutes, but he had to go to the bathroom. After the ride, I met the Other Dave at the Hulk, but not Dave. He was still in the bathroom. We finally saw Dave and we headed to the Hulk. There was no wait in the regular line, but we used FOTL anyway.

There was a short delay because a guest sitting in the seventh row had hurled. The ride attendants hand their mops and cleaning supplies out. One attendant was pouring anti-hurl powder on the spot. We did not want to sit in the seventh row! We rode in non-hurl rows for our two rides. The loading time was pretty quick this time. The primary crew must have been on the job!

While we waited in the FOTL line, I met another board visitor. Her name was WDW Morena (I probably have her name wrong) and she was so excited to see the URL of the DIS on the back of my t-shirt. She flipped when she found out I was the moderator of the Universal and Sea World boards. You know, I wear my lime green ribbon all the time when I visit the parks and no one notices me. I wear my t-shirt and I meet two DIS board visitors. I decided that I needed to order more t-shirts. They work better than lime green ribbons!

After the Hulk, we rode Spider-Man twice. The Daves wanted to feel the blast of heat during Doc Ock’s attack. The ride was nearly working perfectly. The spot was still on the screen during Spider-Man’s first appearance and Hydro-Man’s water spritz did not come on during his first attack. We didn’t get to ride in Scoop 118, but we finally got to ride in the front on one ride.

We then went to Universal Studios next. Our final destination was Men in Black, but we stopped by T2 for the heat. If the Daves wanted heat, we should have rode Jaws. The explosion would have given them enough heat to last a lifetime! We used FOTL and got into the room when it was half-full. The Daves looked beat and sat down in the preshow area. The main show had the same guy playing the T-800 again. We were in the front half of the theater, so we could get a better look at him. He still did not look like Arnold.

to do Men in Black. The Other Dave wanted redemption. He wanted to score higher than Dave. Unfortunately, that did not happen, even after three rides. My scores were OK, but nothing remarkable. We were getting hungry, so we were trying to decide on where to eat. Dave wanted a cheese steak from the Amity area. The Other Dave wanted to eat at Richter’s Burgers. Dave was hesitant on Richter’s, but the cheese steak line was very long. He decided to go to Richter’s too.

At Richter’s, I had the veggie burger. The Daves had meat. The veggie burger tasted like chicken on the first bite. Then I couldn’t taste anything on subsequent bites. It was definitely not a very good veggie burger. Dave ate half of his burger and made a beeline to the bathroom. Dave’s burger looked a little underdone.

Dave came back and wasn’t feeling too well. The Other Dave had to go to the airport. We said our goodbyes.

For the rest of the day, I did the parks solo.


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

"If you were me, you'd be good looking."
Sounds like yall had a good time. I'm curious about the noise at HRH that yall were compensated for with drink tickets. Did you ever find out what had happened?

Thanks again for the excellent reports.

Donna R.
I don't know what they meant. I heard no noise. Actually, the hotel was pretty quiet during my stay. I think the manager got confused with our dealings with housekeeping on the previous night.


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

"If you were me, you'd be good looking."
That was probably the case with the drink tickets(which I still have!). That could also explain why the next day when I was ill, they sent up a whole tray of stuff(cheeses, a bottle of wine, crackers, ect.)on a big silver tray. I felt like an idiot for complaining so loudly the night before, I almost wanted to apologise.

"Compose your final, loathesome dirge!"
I was busy showing my brother and his new girlfriend around the parks that day myself ... I saw you in T2 when you came in (recognized you from the shirt and pictures on the board), but was preoccupied with my brother at the time and then I couldn't spot you on the way out.
Wow! Small world. :)


Barry Hom
The moderator formerly known as Barry aka usagi
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

"If you were me, you'd be good looking."
Was Scoop 118 the one Earl was hinting about? And he would not tell us! But a ride op tells Dave! Wonder if we could use FOTL on Spiderman and ask to wait for #118? ;)

I have made a note to myself, do not eat breakfast buffet before coasters. LOL Somehow knew this! JP would not be my choice to settle a stomach though.

On to the next installment! :)


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