Favorite part of ride survey!

Discussion in 'Disneyland Community Board' started by ElloPoppet, May 18, 2009.

  1. ElloPoppet

    ElloPoppet So it seems, dead men DO tell tales.

    May 7, 2009
    What is your favorite part of each ride? Something that stands out every time and you find yourself looking back while the ride keeps moving forward. If we get enough replies we may even learn of things we have never noticed before!

    Pirates of the Caribbean-

    Space Mountain-

    Indiana Jones-

    Small World-

    Splash Mountain-

    Hanunted Mansion-

    Finding Nemo-

    Alice in Wonderland-


    Snow White's Scary Adventures-

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad-

    Jungle Cruise-

    :) Just getting into total Disney mode, my trip is coming up fast! (but... not fast enough!) :scared1:

    Pirates of the Caribbean- (favorite ride) I always stare at the skeleton at the steering wheel of the boat. I get this chilling feeling and I stare at how peaceful he looks while in a storm. It's all windy and I don't know why I just look at that the whole time. (This was pretty much the inspiration of my thread) I also lovveee the beginning of the ride where you hear faintly, "dead men tell no tales." and the ol' guy at the house playing his music. I am soo going to eat at the BB and share a cookie boat. :):)

    Space Mountain- Well obviously there isn't much to look at, but i love the music (it's my ringtone) and the beginning spirals are fun to look at!

    Indiana Jones- I LOVE the spinning tornado flame. I stare at it the whole time it is visible. You know what I'm talking about? It took a few times before I got my dbf to notice it!!

    Small World- I haven't ridden in forever, update after trip!

    Splash Mountain- My favorite part (other than the giant hill) is the bear that is seen throughout the ride. I also love the song!

    Haunted Mansion- I love looking at the candle floating down the hall (or zero), and the ghosts in the dinner hall dancing. I also always stare at the lady inside the magic ball because she looks sooo real!

    Finding Nemo- Update after trip!

    Alice in Wonderland- Update after trip!

    Matterhorn- mm.. there isn't much that I can think of!

    Snow White's Scary Adventures-

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- I always stare at the icicles at the top of the lift, often distracting me from the drop afterward! My favorite part is when the train goes up and back down suddenly and goes through a tunnel, I swear I am going to hit my head every time!

    Jungle Cruise- I love looking at the lions.. because they are my favorite animal!

    :yay::yay: So excited for my trip! Give me stuff to look for!:upsidedow
  2. mechurchlady

    mechurchlady DIS Veteran

    Jun 13, 2006
    Space Mountain-
    The wind in my face that freezes my face.

    Alice in Wonderland-
    The first exit when you are up hich and ca see everything.

    Splash Mountain
    When you crest the last drop and see the whole park. I wish we could stop there for a while.

    Racng down the mountain. Back seat is best and always with one leg tucked under me if I can.

    Jungle Cruise
    The skippers of course
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  4. Mike_M

    Mike_M Mouseketeer

    Mar 8, 2008
    Pirates of the Caribbean- right after the 1st waterfall when you first hear the song. Something about that moment puts me in the right mood. pirate:

    Space Mountain- The hyperspace effect as you first start the ride

    Indiana Jones- Can't put my finger on a single moment. This one is just the total package

    Small World- Always liked the Hawaiian part with the dolls wearing war masks and the hula girls :)

    Splash Mountain- The Roller Coaster-like plummet into the laughing place (The one where you go down then back up again and then down for the spash. Love it :thumbsup2 )

    Hanunted Mansion- The portrait hallway. Perfectly sets the mood. Also, check out the bat stantions (The posts holding the chains). The corner ones which only have one wing up are different sculpts and have the other wing folded up properly rather then just cutting a wing off of a regular one. Nice attention to detail. Plus they are original from opening day.

    Finding Nemo- When you see the Dentist's Niece snorkling. Always makes me chuckle.

    Alice in Wonderland- Chesure Cat

    Matterhorn- Right after the ascent when you are going through the crystal caverns always seems to be getting me ready for the speed and the turns

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- The dungeon

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- I love how you start off fast into those dark caverns with the glowing eyes.

    Jungle Cruise- The back side of water :laughing:
  5. Teki

    Teki <font color=brown>Love the Indi hats!<br><font col

    May 6, 2008

    Pirates of the Caribbean- I have two favorite parts, the first is the battle scene between the ship and the fort because its amazing. The second is where they are torchering the mayor and his wife is like "don't tell them Carlos, don't be chicken" I know its probably wrong to think so, but I think its hilarious :rotfl:

    Space Mountain- I really like the whole thing I don't have a favorite part. I really like how windy it is, I notice it more on that coaster then any other how much wind is in my face its pretty awesome.

    Indiana Jones- I love when you come around the corner and you can see almost the whole ride building and it has that operay dramatic music.

    Small World- Ireland and the Pacific islands have always been my faves, but since the refurb I really like the three caballeros.

    Splash Mountain- I love the Laughing place seen, but I also Like the steamboat at the end, because of all the recycled anamatronics, it makes me laugh. There's also the bit at the end where briar bear is stuck in the hole :rotfl2:

    Hanunted Mansion- I really like the graveyard scene which Im sure alot of people say I love the skeleton arm sticking out with the martini glass and I love the one trying to brick him self in.

    Finding Nemo- I wasn't to big a fan of this ride, but at the end they mention the old ride and that was neat.

    Alice in Wonderland- If I am riding at night I like when you go out on the leaf and wave at the line, during the day its awful because you are temporarily blinded. I love the scene where Alice is running through the spiral smoke I think they pulled that off really well.

    Matterhorn- I like the whole things, my sister likes the yeti part.

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- I like the skeleton who desperately wanted a drink I think its a neat addition. I also love the mine part with all the sparkling gems.

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- Rainbow caverns, and when you go under the Dinosaur ribs.

    Jungle Cruise-I love all of the jungle cruise and my favorite part changes depending on the joke that is made and when I'm riding it.
  6. ElloPoppet

    ElloPoppet So it seems, dead men DO tell tales.

    May 7, 2009

    i never noticed that! :laughing:
  7. zeitzeuge

    zeitzeuge <font color=red>DallasDisneyDork<br><font color=te

    Feb 26, 2008
    Pirates of the Caribbean- The smell of the place once we get inside. It's the first thing I notice. Not a bad smell, just that "ocean" type smell.

    Space Mountain- The best part is when I'm walking down the hallway afterwards and I can't walk in a straight line.

    Indiana Jones-The spiders crawling all over the wall.

    Small World-Hard to pick out a specific part. I love the entire thing. Only thing that sucks is having that song stuck in my head for the next two hours.

    Splash Mountain- The final scene on the riverboat.

    Hanunted Mansion- Will always be the singing busts.

    Finding Nemo- My favorite part is the entire way before you go under the waterfall.

    Alice in Wonderland- You'll laugh, but never have ridden it yet.

    Matterhorn- the final drop into water.

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- The mining scene.

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- Nothing really stands out, other then the part where you think the ride is getting close to the end and you find out it's only half over.

    Jungle Cruise- I still laugh at the baby elephant taking a shower.
  8. Sherwin

    Sherwin <font color=royalblue>Not-so-secretly crushing on

    Jan 10, 2009
    Pirates of the Caribbean- The Bayou and the drop. When you're floating through the swamp, it just gives you that sense that something ain't quite right, you know? It's calm and peaceful, but dauntingly eerie. Then you hear the fall.

    Space Mountain- What better thing to love than the blast-off on any space ride?

    Indiana Jones- The whole thing. This was my favorite ride since it debuted in '95.

    Small World- Not the biggest fan of IASW, but I sure do love hopping on the boats.

    Splash Mountain- The drop, duh? And attempting to make a weirdy face for the camera.

    Hanunted Mansion- Madame Leota. I remember her as a child. She freaked me out then. She freaks me out now.

    Finding Nemo- Haven't ridden yet! But I remember seeing the mermaids on the old ride.

    Alice in Wonderland- Don't remember the ride well enough. :confused3

    Matterhorn- Hmm... I like the yetis.

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- When the queen reveals herself as the witch. Scary. :scared1:

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- The whole ride.

    Jungle Cruise- This is one of those rides where I think the queue really contributes to the effectiveness of the overall attraction.
  9. prettyprincessbelle

    prettyprincessbelle <font color=green>I'm just excited for the BBQ! Yu

    Nov 28, 2007
    Pirates of the Caribbean- When they're dunking the mayor (is that what he is?) into the well. And his wife or whomever is yelling from the top window. She yells "be brave Carlos!". I love that scene.

    Space Mountain- Right in the beginning where it's supposed to be hyper space. When I focus, I swear I'm spinning around.

    Indiana Jones- When the big snake comes at the jeep from the right hand side. And also when the arrows go across in that room. I love ducking before it happens, because then I can hear a couple other people behind me ducking too!

    Small World- The paper mache hippo and the new sun that is in the finale room.

    Splash Mountain- The music and the part where all the rabbits are crying and singing that sad song about Br'er Rabbit.

    Hanunted Mansion- The whole graveyard scene. I love the singing!

    Finding Nemo- Ummm. The explosion scene. It feels so real to me.

    Alice in Wonderland- When the ride vehicle goes outside. I love seeing everyone looking at you.

    Matterhorn- Harold! I like his flashing eyes.

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- The abrupt ending. It cracks me up!

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- The goat chewing on dyno. And the little turtles on the top of the hill.

    Jungle Cruise- The hippos ears! They're soo cute!
  10. pixiewings71

    pixiewings71 <marquee><font color=deeppink>Sweet!!! Totally!!!!

    Jun 8, 2007
    that would be Brer Bear, the fox is Brer Fox and the rabbit is Brer Rabbit. Try to find Song of the South so you can see the story that the ride is based on. :)

    Pirates of the Caribbean- Honestly, I love everything about Pirates, I can honestly say I think this is my all time fave. My current faves change but this is my all time fave. I love the bayou in the beginning, the pirate skull talking over the drop, the first drop and then you hear singing, the scene as you come around the corner with the ship and the storm, LOVE that part, the pirate in the bed, love his teeth, watch him and you'll see what I mean! lol Love the treasure room, the ship firing at will (poor Will), the "Don't tell him Carlos, don't be cheeeken", the lady in red, the guy with the cats and the rum "here kitty kitty kitty". Love the fire scene altho that's how I know it's almost over. :( And my girls LOVE the last big drop at the end, they always scream when going over that one.....LOL Family joke, if you know the ride you know the sarcasm in my voice. :)

    Space Mountain- Not much really, I guess I have to pick the take off. Space is one I can't do very much, it makes me sick to my stomach and can cause a migraine :(

    Indiana Jones- Another one with what's not to love? I love the snake, love the skull face on the ceiling in the next room, love the boulder and then next room.

    Small World- hmm not sure what I love about this one......I like seeing Tink & Peter flying over London, seeing Aladdin & Jasmine on the flying carpet and I think the new Americana section is super cute!!

    Splash Mountain- Oh boy, another one I love. I love the part on the ride where it's dark and you go up and down and up and down. I love the anticipation of getting wet, I love seeing the cute little opossums hanging above you, love the singing, the drop....I NEVER thought I would say it but I love that drop. I love the part where you go past the boat with the birds singing, I always look for the train and have seen it a few times but not that many. I think my favorite part tho, is the Fastpass line on a hot day...I LOVE walking past everyone....LOL

    Hanunted Mansion- I love Madam Leota and the ballroom scene. :)

    Finding Nemo- hmmm, I guess I like the sea monster...you know the little girl snorkeling...I can't remember her name....LOL I love to Find Nemo, that's so much fun. And the ruins you go thru, too cool. No mermaids tho.

    Alice in Wonderland- I like "falling" down the rabbit hole, finding the Cheshire Cat and I love going outside at the top.

    Matterhorn- Well I prefer to ride the FL side and I love seeing the Yeti and splashing thru the water at the end.

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- LOL The END!!!!!!! You know, the Happily Ever After part....LOL

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- I like to do the goat trick on this one! LOL

    Jungle Cruise- Trader Sam at the end, after all he's got a great deal, 2 of his heads for 1 of yours....LOL
  11. ElloPoppet

    ElloPoppet So it seems, dead men DO tell tales.

    May 7, 2009
    This part right here is where i always seem to stop and think, "I can NOT belive I am actually here!" And refer to it everytime I think about a time I was at Disneyland. Like when I went there on a saturday and only found out I was going on a friday (I live in Arizona, so the drive is only 6-7 hours so we left at 3am), I thought, "Yesterday morning I didn't even know that I was going to be here!" I swear there is no better feeling than being at Disneyland. :upsidedow
  12. XDeadMenTellNoTalesX

    XDeadMenTellNoTalesX Earning My Ears

    May 13, 2009
    Pirates of the Caribbean-

    Space Mountain- I love how you never know when it is going to end! I always think it's going to end at one certain point of the ride but it doesn't!

    Indiana Jones- I love the rolling ball, next time I have decided I am going to reach as high as I can and touch it!

    Small World- I love the Hula girls!

    Splash Mountain- I love the part where everyone is singing a sad song before you get to the big drop. It really puts me in that really-scared-of- what's-coming-next feeling! :rotfl:

    Hanunted Mansion- I love the moving heads that watch you in line, it irks and fascinates me at the same time, haha.

    Finding Nemo- I haven't ridden it yet! But I loved the volcano scene in the old one!

    Alice in Wonderland- I have not been on this one either!

    Matterhorn- The yeti of course! :scared1:

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- Never been!

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- I love how you go up 3 lift hills! It's like the ride never ends! I also love the icicles and always think they are going to fall on me!

    Jungle Cruise- I love the elephant taking a shower too! So cute! And the pirañas!

  13. spacemermaid

    spacemermaid DIS Veteran

    Sep 4, 2008
    My favorites:

    Pirates of the Caribbean- the skeleton at the ship's wheel, with the storm going on all around it, and the skeletons drinking rum (you can see the "rum" going through them!). And the captain's skeleton reading in bed! And the parrot skeleton in the same scene!

    Space Mountain- the Hidden Mickey asteroid used to be my favorite thing in Space Mountain, but it's gone now (as far as I know?). It's still one of my all-time favorite rides, though.

    Indiana Jones- the rolling boulder at the end!

    Small World- the flowered hippo, the singing mermaids, the spinning chess pieces, and all the different versions of the sun.

    Splash Mountain- the finale, when you get to see the steamboat with all the animals from America Sings!

    Haunted Mansion- the ghosts dancing in the ballroom, the "ectoplasm" in the Seance Room, and the skeleton trying to get out of its coffin in the greenhouse/corridor!

    Finding Nemo- the electric eels, and how the inside of the sub lights up during that part.

    Alice in Wonderland- the smoking Caterpillar, and when the ride vehicle exits the show building & travels along the giant "leaves" outside!

    Matterhorn- the cheezy giant crystals & the "sparkly" noise they make.

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- the mine scene, and the poison apple.

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- the "falling rocks" scene, and when the train goes through the dinosaur fossil!

    Jungle Cruise- the bathing elephants, and the orchids growing in the trees!

    Typing all these out & reading everyone else's favorites makes me wish I could just teletransport to the Park right now!
  14. PetitePixy

    PetitePixy Mouseketeer

    Mar 6, 2009
    Pirates of the Caribbean- (Also my favorite attraction) Everything, I just absolutly love this one! The atmosphere, the characters, and the thrilling waterfalls.

    Space Mountain- I love the tunnels at the beginning of the ride and all the lights. Its the suspense that I love I think. And I always look at that big black sphere, that you wind around when the ride counts down. I could always sense it there, and I saw the construction of the ride, it is indeed a huge black sphere.

    Indiana Jones- The part where the spears are coming out of the walls from both sides, I like looking at the skeletons on the wall, and how they glow.

    Small World- Hmm, haven't been on this ride in years! But I think for this attraction, I especially like the outside. I like the figurines coming out of the clocks and all the gadets turning.

    Splash Mountain- Those animals that are singing "beware" right before you make the climb to the drop. It always creeps me out, and they look so scared, lol.

    Hanunted Mansion- After you exit the stretching room, I always look at the changing portraits in the hallway on your way to the doombuggies.

    Finding Nemo- I love looking at the huge clams on the floor at the beginning of the ride.

    Alice in Wonderland- I try to count how many times I see cheshire cat, haha. I always count wrong but I'm pretty sure it's 3 times...

    Matterhorn- I just always look for the yeti. He appears twice in the ride, and I actually think his ruby red eyes are pretty. :rolleyes:

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- Believe it or not, this ride still creeps me out, and i'm an adult! The wicked witch appears multiple times, and I am always on the look out when she comes out of no where on a boat from the dark tunnel. *shiver*

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- I always look at the anamatronic animals on the rocks when you are climing hills outside. There are turtles, rattle snakes, etc. Also the climbing part in the cave with the "falling rocks" always reminds me of Splash Mountain.

    Jungle Cruise-The hunters on the stake with the rhino underneath them. xD I love that part.
  15. Kittyskyfish

    Kittyskyfish NEOH Dis Fans!

    Apr 3, 2009
    Thanks for starting this really cool thread! :)

    Pirates of the Caribbean- The caves and skeletal rooms! So peaceful and yet, so humorous. The Irish Tenor in the singing pirate trio - we hope to hear him go "aaaah aaaaah" as we ride by. Another part that I love isn't even visual - it's the SMELL of being on POTC. :rotfl: Something about the chlorine and whatever the building is made of has a unique scent and it brings back wonderful nostalgic feelings each time I ride.

    Space Mountain- The rotating tunnel of light at the beginning! I look up to increase the dizzying effect.

    Indiana Jones- All of it but especially the central skull cavern! Oh, and the queue's "take heed" film - love how that guy turns into a skeleton and his kid is holding his bony hand with a look of horror on his face!

    Small World-The umbrella-holding crocodile, flowered hippo, twirling chess pieces (which remind me of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers - sesame seed flavor, very odd connection). A new favorite is the sun in the final room - it's hilarious b/c the sun looks...umm...influenced by substances. :rotfl::lmao:

    Splash Mountain- The music!

    Hanunted Mansion- The Holiday version, absolutely! For the regular season, I like the graveyard room and singing busts.

    Finding Nemo- No opinion on this ride. sorry!

    Alice in Wonderland- riding this at night and the outside experience.

    Matterhorn- Best at night! The Yeti makes it fun and I love seeing the park as I zip around corners.

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- GEMS! I also love laughing at the WTH ending, where the ride becomes scarier and scarier, then all of a sudden...BAM! They lived happily ever after! :rotfl2:

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- Another ride I prefer at night. In fact, the night time experience makes this my favorite ride at DL! The queue is gorgeous at this time because of the miniature town and waterfall are enhanced by lighting. On the ride I love the colorful cavern pools, bats, animated crumbling rocks at the top of one point, plus..well...everything!

    Jungle Cruise- lame jokes from the skippers! And the sleeping zebra.
  16. l’amore bella

    l’amore bella Mouseketeer

    May 14, 2009
    Pirates of the Caribbean- The scene where the pirates are in jail trying to lure the guard dog over so they can get the key.

    Space Mountain- Never been on this ride.

    Indiana Jones- The boulder coming toward you.

    Small World- The Hawaii scene.

    Splash Mountain- Never been on this ride.

    Haunted Mansion- The ballroom scene.

    Finding Nemo- Darla scuba diving. I think that scene is adorable!

    Alice in Wonderland
    - My favorite part is when the caterpillar car is outside. I have a great view of Fantasyland (my favorite land) at this time.

    Matterhorn- Never been on this ride.

    Snow White's Scary Adventures
    - The last scene will always be my favorite.

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- Never been on this ride.

    Jungle Cruise- I haven't been on this ride is years, but I remember enjoying the waterfall.
  17. DLR29

    DLR29 We create happiness

    May 30, 2006
    Pirates of the Caribbean-The drops and beginning scenes of the skeletons

    Space Mountain- Spinning tunnel lift and soundtrack!

    Indiana Jones- Snake scene!!! Or the Chamber of Destiny/Hall of Promise.

    Small World- Haven't been on the new version, but I like the Africa scene a lot.

    Splash Mountain- Drop in the dark/Laughing Place.

    Haunted Mansion- Attic scene.

    Finding Nemo- Exploding mine field

    Alice in Wonderland- The outside part with the nice view.

    Matterhorn- Seeing Harold. Or the one quick drop on the Tomorrowland side

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- The dungeon scene. So scary :scared1:

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- GOAT TRICK!

    Jungle Cruise- Hippo Pool
  18. AmericanItGirl

    AmericanItGirl Back in the land of Disney...

    Jul 25, 2007
    Pirates of the Caribbean- I love that even though they've made a big push to make it "p.c." over the past decade, there's still a painting of a half-naked lady above the bar.

    Space Mountain- Counting down loudly along with the controller right before "take-off"

    Indiana Jones- Sitting right in front of the steering wheel. It's my favorite place to sit out of any ride.

    Small World- When I'm getting out of the boat! :laughing: Those dolls scare me. :scared: I saw a video of someone's ride-thru when the sound wasn't working for the ride and it was disturbing. I will suck it up when I go at the end of the month and ride IASW because I want to see the Disney additions.

    Splash Mountain- I love the music.

    Hanunted Mansion- When I'm riding it late at night and I managed to get the first doombuggy in the group I'm with from the elevator, so I can pretend that I'm the only person riding it at that moment (I'm weird like that).

    Finding Nemo- I love the way that the projection screens make it seem like the video's really in the water. The instrumental version of Beyond the Sea at the end is nifty too.

    Alice in Wonderland- I like riding in a caterpillar. It's just such a cute vehicle.

    Matterhorn- The speed and dancing the polka with my aunt to the music while waiting in line.

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- When the queen's in front of the cauldron and turns around.

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- The tiny village at the end.

    Jungle Cruise- I love how it looks late at night and the old-timey music they play in the queue area (one time they played this beautiful rendition of "Time Without End" and I was completely lost in the magic of the moment :cutie:).
  19. dlawallace

    dlawallace I believe in the Magic!!!

    Mar 28, 2006
    Pirates of the Caribbean-I love the song!

    Space Mountain- love it all

    Indiana Jones- never ridden it

    Small World-I love the Hula girls

    Splash Mountain-definately the drop!

    Hanunted Mansion-I like the ballroom scene (particularly the dueling pistol ghosts in the paintings and the drinking ghosts on the chandelier

    Finding Nemo- never ridden it

    Alice in Wonderland- the part thats outside

    Matterhorn- the crystals at the beginning

    Snow White's Scary Adventures-the witch inthe mirror

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- the waterfall

    Jungle Cruise- the tribals shooting darts at you
  20. basketballmom

    basketballmom Living in the Happiest Place in Texas!

    Apr 13, 2007
    What a great idea for a topic!! This is making me miss DL even more, because I have to stop and remember details!

    Some of my answers are the same as some of you...As I was reading through, I kept saying, "ME TOO!!"

    PIRATES-- I love the pirate sitting on the bridge with his dirty leg hanging over! And whoever commented on the "LAST DROP" at the end, haha, we love holding our hands up:rotfl:

    SPACE-- I like to ride with my head resting on the headrest, looking up. Great fun! Also like getting ready for the camera at the end and posing.

    INDY--LOVE this whole ride! Love the rickety bridge. Also, the arrow room....love to pretend to get shot and then lay there dead for a while.:laughing:

    SMALL WORLD-- The hula dancers and all the things that are up! I'm amazed how many people don't look up on rides!

    HAUNTED MANSION-- I love the rattling doorknobs! and going backwards to get into the graveyard.

    NEMO--haven't ridden the new one yet

    ALICE--i just love the whole blacklight paint effect:3dglasses

    MATTERHORN--I love how it goes inside and outside. It's really fun at night.

    SNOW WHITE--the gems

    BIG THUNDER--riding in the back, and THE GOAT TRICK! I really miss this!!!

    JUNGLE CRUISE--I love this whole ride, and I am the one who laughs hysterically at all the jokes. It's just so FUN...what Walt wanted Disneyland to be....entertainment for the whole family!!!

    Again...thanks for the posts! 58 days cannot get here soon enough!!!!

    OOPS! forgot SPLASH! I love the different animal families singing about Brer Rabbit. Also, what we call Bear Butt Falls.
  21. Disneylvrforever

    Disneylvrforever Stitch is my puppy!

    Jun 11, 2008
    Pirates of the Caribbean- I love pointing my nose towards the air vents so I can take a big whiff of that yummy air! I also like hearing the pirate that says, "6 it be. 6 bah'uls of rum" & seeing the only Asian guy in the ride.

    Space Mountain- I love the drop in the middle of the ride.

    Indiana Jones- I like looking for Bones the skeleton & getting shot by the arrows. The wind feels so good!

    Small World- I love waving to the panda!

    Splash Mountain- I love the part after seeing Briar Bear's butt bc the ride feels like a roller coaster & the colors glow. I also like waving to the cast member in the shadows before you go up the hill. I always get disappointed though bc they never wave back. humph!

    Hanunted Mansion- The ballroom scene & the hitchiking ghosts. I love getting Phineas!

    Finding Nemo- I love the jellies!

    Alice in Wonderland- My fave is the very end of the ride when you exit the unbirthday scene. "Mary Ann!" lol. I love it!

    Matterhorn- I love riding on the TL side w/ the extra drop in the middle.

    Snow White's Scary Adventures- The animals that clean the clothes are so cute!

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- I love going under the waterfall & seeing the spraying skunks when I'm not looking @ the dynamite eating goat.

    Jungle Cruise- I love my baby elly w/ Trader Sam!

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