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May 19, 2000
We will be going to WDW this April. I would love to get some ideas about your favorite things to do. It will be myself, DH, 2 DD's (6 & 7). What is the first thing that you like to do when you get there that includes (and entertains) your children? We are staying at the Poly, but will also have a car. I would prefer not to go outside of "the world". Any and all advice is appreciated. I love to get new ideas everytime we go! Thanks for your advice.


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When we return our first thing will be to head over to MK, just to see the castle!! Other ideas might be downtown disney or disney quest or perhaps dinner somewhere kind've neat like the rainforest cafe!

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You're staying at the hotel that involves my favorite first day activity....dinner at Kona and watching fireworks from the Poly waterfront!:)

Our favorite too MulanMom!! We always have dessert at the Kona Cafe our first evening and then watch the electrical water pageant and fireworks from the beach. But our very first thing to do before dessert is to ride the monorail loop from MK to Epcot. My boys love it as much as any attraction at the parks and I love listening to everyone's conversations about their day in the monorail cab with me :) - it gets us all in the mood!

We also like to head over to Downtown Disney and scope out the souveneirs.... :)


I've heard alot of people say they do Chef Mickey's at the CR on the 1st night to get them in the mood. We did this last week, but didn't like the food at all (characters were good though) ......next year we decided to take in the resort ammenities and relax on our 1st afternoon. Wilderness Lodge pool!!
We time our arrival so that we can have dinner at Chef Mickey's shortly after hotel check-in. It's great for getting fully immersed in the Disney Magic! We follow dinner with a ride on the monorail, then we're off to bed (who am I kidding? sleep doesn't happen that quickly!) for that early morning trip to the Magic Kingdom. I can't imagine starting my first full day at WDW without seeing Cinderella's Castle. :D
We really enjoyed Discovery Island. You take a boat from the dock outside of Magic Kingdom to get there. We also enjoy exploring other Disney resorts. Just hop on a Disney bus and go. We have found favorite places this way.

grover - I'm with you on this one. For DH and I, we have to go to MK and see the castle first thing - gives me chills everytime!!!
We drive, so it is usually the afternoon when we arrive. After check in we head to Chef Mickey's for dinner. Then it is maybe some monorail riding and some gift shop looking and then off to bed! We want to bright eyed and bushy tailed for the next morning.
For me personally, it is unpacking. Sounds dumb but the actual act of putting my clothes away knowing that I will be staying for awhile is very relaxing to me. Once I'm done with that, the experience can begin!
First night dinner is always Teppanyaki, then illuminations; Daytime would have to be the first stroll down Mainstreet at MK, and a quick loop around on the train.

Have a great trip!!
If it's a new resort for me, then I love to explore the resort...look around and get the feel of the place. I like to look through the shop and pool area, take pictures of the place and just have fun exploring. Then I head over to Down Town Disney. I don't want to wast a day on my pass at the park if I'm only going to have a half day.
I'm not on vacation until I have a bacon cheeseburger at Beaches and Cream (at the Y&BClub resort)!

It's always the first thing we do after getting to our room and unpacking (sometimes even before unpacking!).
For some reason, we always seem to head for AK right away. We generally arrive early in the day and spend our first several hours at AK. We like to get to our room as soon as we can after that and then take a swim to relax. From there, a nice dinner (not too late) and if we are staying at one of the EPCOT resorts, a nice leisurely stroll along the Boardwalk to end the day.

It ends being a full day but generally lazy enough to not make us too exhausted after a long trip....we normally drive straight through from Pennsylvania.
if you don't want to go to a park the first day you get there then def. do miniature golfing - they have many corses - theres a fantasia one and theres a summer and winter one by blizzard beach - there alot of fun and there right in disney - you should check them out!
From recommendations that I've gathered from the board, here is my plan for my first day if we have enough time: 1st - Relax a bit and swim at the resort pool; 2nd - ride around on the monorail; 3rd - Dinner at Boma and watch firework and then, hopefully, water pageant.
We have to do a complete monorail ride first. Ask to ride upfront. We drive and are too tried to do much else. Takeout or delivery pizza and an early bedtime. Oh yes, we have to watch the Disney information channel!!

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