Extra ordinary cast member Ashley


Earning My Ears
Oct 16, 2021
After watching Pete’s review of Kona and Macarena, I thought what a joy to find that Disney Cast Member that makes your Disney experience exceptional. I was a grumpy old lady and on hold for member services. Among other things I needed to reassign a ticket and then reserve park admission again. Two annual passes two room guest. I was so frustrated. Then having to verbally give all the same information that I had entered at the start of the call. I was a Karen. But my member service call was answered by Ashley. Such an exceptional cast member. Ashley kept her smile on in spite of my grumpy rudeness. She patiently taught me how to use the app. By the end of the call, my trip was set and I was crying with joy. Not all cast members are exceptional as these two ladies. But who knows? Your next great Disney cast member interaction may be just around the river bend.


Powered by pixie dust... and espresso ;)
Jan 5, 2020
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience with Ashley!! & so thankful that she helped you learn about the app… and the whole thing turned your frown upside down 🙃