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    I'm a teen who's traveling to WDW in 12 days (!!!) for my 14th birthday. I have autism, and whenever I'm in a line at WDW, I can get over-stimulated or have a panic attack (last trip I had one so bad that I ended up at Celebration Hospital, it wasn't fun). My mother brought up getting a guest assistance pass next trip, and I wanted to ask you guys what your opinions are on getting the pass.

    Edit: If it helps at all, I've also been diagnosed w/ social anxiety and AD(H)D by my psychiatrist :)
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    it is now call a DAS you will go to Guest Services when you arrive the first day and explain why you need a DAS, no doctor note as they will not be looked at. they will take your picture and add to Magic Band. you go to ride and you will be given a return time. when it is your time you will be sent thru the FP line to the ride. there is no way to by pass all lines. it should help you but just remember you will still be in the FP line not taken to front of line. there are a couple of rides that do have a separate loading area but not many. from what you have said the pass should help you
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    I would also do things to help your self like if Noise Bothers you ear plugs or noise canceling headphones. If light bother you bring a hat. And so on. The DAS only works in the parks with rides and meet and greats with FP. You do not go right in the FP line but wait the same amount of time -10 minutes then go in the FP line
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    As mentioned, the DAS can help by letting you wait somewhere outside the line until your return time and then you will go through the FP line. You will need to have a strategy to deal with the crowds outside of the attraction lines and for places like the counter service restaurants and bus lines. The previous posters have given some good ideas.

    My DD used to wear noise reducing headphones, but she now finds that listening to music with headphones works better for her because it helps distract her as well as reduce the crowd noise that she finds agitating. A hat and/or sunglasses help with light. We like to take breaks mid-day. We arrive for rope drop, stay in the park until after lunch, then go back to the hotel to swim or just relax in the room. After a few hours break, we head back to the park for the evening. That way DD is getting a break from the sensory overload, and we are both getting a break from the mid-day crowds and heat.

    Make sure you have a water bottle with you and stop to have a small snack from time to time. You want to avoid dehydration and hunger.
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    Its called DAS.
    You would have to express to a CM why its difficult to wait in the regular line and what helps. (aka having a quiet space to wait etc)
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