Ever take Amtrak from NYC to WDW?


Earning My Ears
Jul 26, 2000
Hi all :-)

Has anyone taken this trip either A) direct from NYC Penn Station to Orlando or B) Driven 4 hrs to Washington to catch the Auto Train??

I need to chose one of these options for my trip in March since flying is not an option this time. My hubby, my 2 year old daughter and I will be traveling.

My questions are: Just how roomy are the seats? Did you feel the trip was tedious/boring on the train? Did you sleep decently in the seats (we're not getting a sleeper car unless we have to). Is there a car rental place at the station in Orlando? How far is the drive to the the resorts?

I guess any feedback about your trip on Amtrak would be appreciated. I haven't taken a ride on it since I was a kid with my parents & I don't remember it at all.

My mother and I are taking the train down from Connecticut to Orlando Feb 2 - we are taking a commuter train from CT down to NY then Amtrak from NY to Orlando.

We are getting the sleeper car for the NY/Orlando leg of the trip. I love taking the train as a rule but this will be my first time in a sleeper. I will let you know how it turns out!

Right now there is a good discount on the rail fare -Amtrack is running their companion fare special - when I had orignally priced out the fare for both of us it was $1044 round trip - with the discount it went down to $878. Almost the price of a park hopper!! :bounce:
I have taken AutoTrain twice and think it's a great way to go. We live in Bergen County, NJ and it's about a 5 hr drive (Less on a good day!) to Lorton. I have never taken the train from NY to Orlando, but I THINK it's a bit longer than driving to Lorton and the Auto Train (Or maybe the same amount of time door-to-door from NY to FL) due to the fact that the train from NY to Orlando makes stops along the way. The AutoTrain is non-stop from Lorton, VA to Sanford, FL. It does make one quick stop overnight for fuel and water, but no one is allowed to get off or on. The train leaves around 4pm and gets in to Sanford around 8:00-8:30. When we took it in December, we got into the stations (both ways) about 45 minutes early. I have heard that the coach seats are very comfortable. We usually get a standard sleeper and have upgraded to the Deluxe Room on a few occasions.

If you need further information, etc about the AutoTrain, please feel free to email me..

Thank you so much!!! The train from Lorton to Sanford sounds great since there are no stops and I will wait to hear about your trip CynJ to see how your ride went directly from NYC. Chris I will email you if I think of anymore questions, thank you!

I am so excited about going, hope you have a great time :-)

We are also taking the commuter train from CT to NY, then NY to Orlando. We are going Feb. 12th. If you are back by then, please post and let us know how it went. We also have a sleeper. I have no idea what to expect as this will be our first time doing this. Thanks!


As far as a car rental place, we are renting from Hertz when we get to Orlando. Hertz has a rental window right at the station and they also have a partnership with Amtrak which supposedly gives you discounted rates. I have heard of two scenarios about getting your rental car. One is that the shuttle takes you to the airport rental location to get your car and the other is that your car will be waiting for you right at the station. I'm hoping for the second scenario! I can let you know how this works out after our trip.


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