Even More Secret than the Deck 7 Aft Verandah


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Sep 24, 1999
On our cruise this weekend, hubby and I discovered an area that is even more secret than the infamous Decl 7 aft verandah (or at least I think it is...I've never seen it mentioned here, and I never saw anyone out there).
It is the Deck 8 aft overlook, a small area at the very back of the ship that can be accessed by a door all the way at the butt end of deck 8. There are no chairs out there (the area is too small and there are some sort of giant equipment boxes), but it would be great if you wanted a quiet little area to stand & relax, have a smoke, etc. We have a photo of it (as well as of the deck 7 verandah) that we will be posting very soon. The deck 7 verandah was usually deserted, although the teens took it over during the Castaway Cay sailaway.
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<b><i>I</i></b> definitely didn't know about it. I wonder if it's only on the Wonder and not the Magic. Pluto4President or WebmasterPete... could you see if this exists on the Magic?
I was on the Magic last week and explored as much as I could....I saw the door on 8 aft right above the secret deck 7, but it was locked when I was there in the afternoon. I don't know if it is open at other times or not.
I visited the Deck 7 verandah...since we were as Barb puts it "in the butt end of the ship" on
our 1-5 cruise.

There is no shade...if you want sun...thats the place to be. And it was very nice in the
evening. I only observed lounge chairs, no regular chairs and it was hard to see over
the railing. I never noticed any kids...although I can't say they weren't there....we never
saw or heard any.

Yes, this overlook does exist on the Magic. We went out on this deck a few times last year. We never experienced the door being locked.
We sailed last week and had a stateroom very close to that door on deck 8. I tried it a number of times but it was locked each time. 7 was unlocked during the same time. The sign on 8 says closed from 11pm to 7am (something like that) but it never seemed to open.
I'm glad someone else found and tried it...I was beginning to wonder if I was a wimp and couldn't open it!:D
I was checking out deck on the Magic and tried to get through the door at deck 8 and got chased away by a cast member. I was told that it was an area accessable to the Cruise Director or the Captain only (something about it being their private area).
On our last cruise we had the verandah adjoining this overlook on deck 8, I only saw cast members on the deck area and I do believe it was locked most of the time (the DS did try the door a few times) It is not posted as being for cast only but I know I never saw anyone other than CMs use it.


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