EPCOT Courted by Korea


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Jan 18, 2000
Here's a link to an Orlando Sentinel artical about Korea's attempts to get a pavillion at EPCOT. The short version is that Korea junkies shouldn't get their hopes up.

Buried partway through is some discussion about how the pavillions are financed that I found interesting. Apparently, the host countries pay not only for the construction of the pavillion, but for the staffing and maintenance. No wonder this park makes money!

That's really too bad that a Korean Pavillion will not be considered. My children are adopted from Korea and I have only come to know the culture, country and people through that event. This is a country that we went to war for, that many of our Asian immigrants are from, and that is the birth country of a lot of children adopted by US citizens. It is indeed very different from Japan and China. Oh well, guess I'll just have to go elsewhere for that Korean culture infusion. Just too bad it's a 14 hour plane ride from here!;)



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