Entertainment Book Tip!


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Mar 15, 2001
I've been to the entertainment.com website several times trying to decide which book to buy beings none are really for my local area. I registered while I was there, but did not purchase a book yet. I received a code for $5.00 off via email to purchase one of their books. If your not ready to buy yet, get yourself registered and I'm sure they will send you one as well.
Where did you register? the only place I saw to register was a place to "register your new book".

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It's hard for me to explain because I can't see your screen, but beings I too have already registered, let me try. Is there a link for you to click at the top of the page that says your name or something to the effect of click here if you are not such and such user? I think you are probably already registered there and a cookie has been stored onto your computer to remember you each time you log on. I'm not sure, if you can reregister or not. Maybe if you had a 2nd email address?


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