Emerald Aisle Question


DIS Veteran
May 9, 2000
I have joined biztravel and started the EC enrollment process. We usually reserve a premium car or minivan for our crew of 5 - if we reserve a smaller car, what are the chances a larger car will be available when we arrive? Trying to save money on our upcoming trip, but we don't want to feel like sardines and not be able to get all our bags in the car. Thanks for any info.
What time are you landing? We arrived about 5 pm on a Saturday in early Dec.; we had reserved a full size car and took a premium car. I've heard of people getting minivans, but there were none when we were there. Actually, there weren't a lot of cars there at all - several SUVs and a few full-size cars and a couple of others. I probably wouldn't risk it.


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