ECV at OKW on Points


Earning My Ears
Feb 20, 2001
I've got reservations on points at OKW in June and my mom has agreed to go. I will be renting an ECV for her. I'm wondering who to call about getting a room we can get into with the ECV. I do not want a disabled room as she is mobile, and we need a bathtub for my daughter. Should I call member services or is there another number I should call? Thanks!
Click on the link in my signature to see the FAQ, which should have some useful informaiton for you. All you need to do is to ask Member Services to note on your reservation that you need a ground-floor room for medical reasons. Be specific, tell them you will have an ECV but do not need a roll-in shower, unless you want one. When you are going on points you do not need to deal with Resort Special Reservations, DVC Member Services handles this for you. You can e-mail your request if you want and avoid waiting on hold.
Thanks, you guys make planning a trip so easy! I just hope all the info from the old boards can be saved. I've lurked out here a lot gathering info. I don't know what I would have done without them!
We are going to try to have some key posts moved over, and SueM has saved several threads on her disk so the information isn't totally lost. We can still link to threads over there for now. This isn't as bad as when the boards got pruned last year and we lost almost everything, or the time the boards crashed. We are working on it!
When I make my OKW reservations, I ask for a first floor room (or building with an elevator) for medical reasons - I am not supposed to do steps with my knee condition. I also let them know I do not need or want a handicapped room. I have always gotten the first floor room.
I'm glad to see so many people made it over here to give answers. We are members at OKW and have stayed many times. Be sure to say you need first floor for Medical Reasons like everyone else said and you should have no problems getting it. When you get your confirmation letter, make sure it says First floor for Medical Reasons on the letter. We have been told that they fill the medical requests first and then fill the general requests for first floor after that.
Don't assume that telling them you have an ecv will make them give you a first floor room. Once when we made reservations, we told them we had a DD with a wheelchair and somehow it didn't register to the person putting it in the computer that we would require first floor; she put it as a preference. We ended up arriving at midnight to a second floor room. Since then, we have made sure our confirmation letter says the right thing and we haven't had a problem.


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