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Aug 22, 2015
:wave: Hi there!

I've gone through a few periods of my life when I was really in shape and at a healthy weight. Then something happens and I put back on the 20-30 lbs I worked so hard to lose. It usually isn't a loss of motivation or a change in my diet, rather, it's usually an injury :crutches:. I have fibromyalgia and big flare ups can make it hard to continue with my fitness plans. Last year when I went to Disney World, I was in pretty good shape and probably 25-30 lbs lighter than I am now. Since then, I've dealt with two pulled back muscles, 6 different medication changes, a sprained pinky, and shin splints. The medication changes have caused most of my weight gain. I'm finally at a point where I realize I need to get back into shape before my next trip. If I don't, I'll have to use an ECV and at 26 years old, that doesn't sound fun.

I need some advice, and motivation, on how to slowly ease back into my routine without injuring myself or causing another big flare. I've been walking my dog daily and trying to do yoga a few times a week. I have a gym membership but I know if I go back to the gym now, I'll push myself too hard and end up spending a week in bed with my heating pad. Does anyone have any experiences slowly easing themselves back into an old routine?

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Aug 21, 2011
While I'm older than you and my aches and pains are due to that fact I've found starting out with some of the in home walking DVDs help. Jessica Smith has a number of them and shows loads of modifications, she also has a utube channel with free workouts on it. You can get just as much cardio from walking as running or jogging and it is so much better for your joints. I used to jog and am now paying for it with bad knees, I look like an ultimate warrior when I work out between the knee braces, elbow braces and special shoes. Go slow and don't push yourself to pain, ease off it if hurts and make sure you build in rest days. For strength training (and yes you need to do it to keep those bones healthy) start with light weights like 2 or 3 pounds or even a resistance band. Yoga or some sort of balance training is good, I do it at least once a week, you don't have to do all sorts of complicated twists and turns, just a good stretch will be fine. As far as motivation, maybe look for FB groups, I belong to one that is only about workouts. All we do is list what we did that day, gives others in the group ideas and we are a very diverse group so there are all sorts of fitness levels (I'm closer to 60 than 59) and ages and no judgements.


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Nov 1, 2013
Have a look at my post in the journal section but I did well slowly adapting healthier habits. I lost 30 lbs since March and I am at my goal weight

My plan was 2 weeks eating at maintanence level calories tracking with MFP and calorie burn with Fitibit and establish baseline. 10 000 steps a day
week 2- 5 cutting 200 to 500 calories daily, 13 000 steps
week 6, 7 adding 2 short strenght workout
week 8 + more steps and swimming or other activities as desired

It worked well. I reached my goal weight month later than planned but it was worth taking it slowly


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Nov 12, 2013
If you can (weather wise) start with walking outdoors! Not sure how long you walk your dog for, but long, faster-paced walks are so good-- and the fresh air is such a natural motivator. It will loosen up your muscles making easing back into some gym routines semi easier. No matter what you will be sore, but you have to remember to safely push through that or else you'll never get past it! Yoga is great and I'd also suggest adding in pilates to that..there are tons of online routines you can follow too! Your diet might not have changed but you may have to look at it..it's difficult to know what may really be causing weight since you are on medication but healthy, clean eating is great for your body inside and out! I love doing Autumn Calabrese workouts which eventually you could always ease into, but her food knowledge is amazing! She has a cookbook fixate if you wanted to give that a go- https://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness_gear/fixate-cookbook-recipes.do She shares a ton of stuff on her social media too!

As always, talk to your doctor about this! They are there to help and they understand what you are going through so much more :) Keep us updated!


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Oct 8, 2001
Hi @Brittni__duh ! While I don't have the exact same condition, I had Addison's and I too have to balance what I call my energy budget. Some days I just can't afford the energy to exercise, and my medications make it difficult to lose weight. I keep reminding myself that I exercise bc it helps my back and core be strong and that means overall I hurt less. Believe me there are many days that I do not feel like working out, and sometimes I just can't do it. So I'd say don't beat yourself up, but be honest on whether on this day it's a mental or physical hurdle to get that workout done!

I think yoga and Pilates is a great way to get started, Also have you tried Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds? Those helped me ease back after my surgeries and recoveries
Keep us posted!


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