DxDP vs OOP 4 adults???

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by cwt580, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. cwt580

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    Oct 28, 2007
    debating still on plan or no plan. we have done DP previously(std). loved the convienence and yes we used all our credits.

    This trip is a very special one and we are doing a Sig TS(cali grill,AP,citiccos,etc) everynight. is the cost better with deluxe or OOP? 4 adults. breakfasts TS(boma,Kona,GFcafe,etc) and skip lunch to save room for great dinners. We have done alot of the epcot foods...seems like alot of the pkg price(after breakdown) comes out to be the price of dining plan for 4 adults.

    we will use the credits i would imagine. 1 in party has never stayed at WDW and only gone for 1 day....
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    Apr 2, 2012
    I am wondering the same thing so I am pouring over the boards looking for clues, especially since Disney changed the dining plan from our last trip.

    I don't have an answer for your question but from what I am seeing you might want to do a mock up of each restaurant that you will go to and each menu item that will likely be ordered. Add up these prices and compare that amount to what you would spend on the dining plan. I think that's the only way to tell.

    For example, for our family of 5, I just about know what each person will eat... so when we sit down and decide what restaurants we will go to, I will go through the menus with them and say what are you likely to order. I'll tally that up and then we'll see. I think the wild card in all this is the snacks that we'll be eating during the day, but then again, we more than likely won't be ordering dessert like we would for each dining plan meal.

    We are considering something called Tables in Wonderland. You have to be a Florida resident or have a Disney Parks Annual/seasonal Pass to purchase this card for $100 or $75 dollars. This card gives you a 20% discount on many, many Disney restaurants. I am just learning about it but if you go to this web site you can find out more:

    So the answer to your question is that each person's dining preferences are so specific that I believe tallying up the presumed order is the only way you can tell if the dining plan, out of pocket, or something like the Tables in Wonderland discount would work for your family.

    Good luck.
  3. gabzee

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    It sounds like you will have no problem using up all of the credits. However, the question is it worth the money. The dining plan works out money wise for some and not for others. If you were not on the DxDP would every person in your party order their own appetizer and dessert with every dinner. For our family, we will have either a TS breakfast, CS lunch, and TS dinner (mostly signature) or a CS breakfast, TS lunch, and TS dinner (mostly signature). However, we will get a few appetizers to share, have our own entree, and then split a dessert or two so the dining plan would not necessarily work out for us even though we would use all of the credits. They only way to know if you would come out better or even is to calculate it. Look at the current menus of all of the restaurants that you are going to. Show the menus to everyone in your party and see what the would order. Calculate the price of OOP vs DxDP. This is the only way that you would know if the DxDP would work to your benefit for YOUR family. I know it is tedious and time consuming but it will be the only accurate way to find out. The answer really depends on the family. :goodvibes
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    I have used the 'old' ddp many times and found that in recent years it just isn't worth it for us. So, I would get the TiW card..and use that, and it worked out pretty well.
    Well...last Oct, we traveled to WDW with another couple. Eating was going to be a highpoint for us....the husbands were both looking forward to some good food. I sat down, with menu's, paper and a pencil. I knew, going in, pretty much what we would order at each place we wanted to eat...and it was a lot of signature dining. I plugged in the cost of the dining oop....then added up what the daily cost for the ddp would be, then added up the cost of the daily dxddp, and yet again with the TiW card. For us, to have a signature meal at dinner and a nice table service breakfast (either regular or character) it made sense to go with the dxddp that one time. But, you do have to remember to count in your tips if using the ddp/dxddp!! A lot of people forget that..and it adds up. I know that each couple put in about $130 for tips that week. Oh man...we ate like royalty! It was worth it that one time.

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