DVC Reception aboard the Magic


DIS Veteran ºoº DVC 4ME
Nov 14, 2000
Went to the reception yesterday, met a lot of Dis'ers and DVC'ers. Saying by "2/03" VWL will be sold out. No date SET for BCV presale. Shooting for late summer 2002 BCV opening.

Everyone got Free DVC watches (Rolex's), ok not rolex's but cute digital DVC watches, DVC Member hats and I was lucky enough to win a DVC DCL beach towel in DVC jeopardy. Today they gave out free pouches at the DVC presentation.

Those presentations rall me up everytime. Just want to add more :)

Just figured I'd post the updates - time for another topside drink :smooth:
WOW!! You got a rolex??;) ;) Okay, a digital watch, but that's pretty cool. We got hats when we went, and I won a Vero Beach Bag.

I may just have to go on another cruise.:D
Sounds like a good time.
Congrats on your DVC Jeopardy win.

We enjoyed the reception quite a bit, we got the Member hats and hubby won a mouse pad. It was neat to see where people were from and get the updates on sales.

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