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Mar 13, 2001
I'm hoping some of the DVC golfers will know the answer to this one.

I joined the DVC Golf Program last May and was able to book tee times at 90 days out for our discounted rate. It worked great.

I'm planning a golf trip with 3 other guys starting on April 29 this year which is the start of the off season. I tried to book tee times this morning and was told they couldn't do that for me. No one seems to know when I can book the tee times or why there is a problem. I was told they would check on it and call back tomorrow but they didn't sound hopeful.

This could cause me to have to change the whole trip and go somewhere else. I was really looking forward to treating my friends to DVC (VWL).

Maybe something has been changed in the program that I don't know about????? (My membership doesn't expire till the end of May)??????:cool:
According to the membership guidelines you should be able to make your tee times for the 29th. I would call them back if I were you.

Good Luck
Guidelines are still 90 days out for any resort guest, not just DVC. My guess is that the system counts today as day 1, and considers April 29th to be day 91. If that's the case, you should be able to make your tee time for April 29th tomorrow.

Still, since that's just a guess, I'd call back today and speak to someone else, just to make sure. Ask for a supervisor if you don't get an answer. If you can't book tomorrow, I'd definitely stay on the phone until I got an answer.

(just to confirm, you are calling the WDW golf number, and not Member Services, correct?)
Raidermatt: I did call the WDW Golf number. They did tell me that it was possible that the reservation would work tomorrow. I was quite upset the first time I talked to them they told me that I couldn't make a reservation during the peak season for the off season. That didn't make any sense as I would only have one day before I arrive to make my reservation.


they told me that I couldn't make a reservation during the peak season for the off season.

That's a new one to me, Lhargus. If you don't mind posting what happens tomorrow, I'd appreciate it. I'll be booking a couple of tee times for our trip in May/June, and I'll be calling at the 90-day window and want to make sure there isn't something else I should know!

we will be making tee times too but I have a question. Am I better off to make the tee times & what if I have to cancel is there a charge. I was thinking of making them so I would cover my bases but if there is a cancellation fee i will pass.
After a couple days of trying, I finally was able to make my tee times. The last CM I talked to had trouble making the tee time and asked me to hold. After a long hold he came back and told me he figured out how to do it. He also told me it wasn't necessary to book a tee time that far out. I feel better having the tee times booked but it was a definite struggle.

I asked about the cancellation policy and there is a 48 hour cancellation policy. ( They take a credit card number. )

:cool: :cool: :cool:

Glad to hear you got your times set, Lhargus, though it shouldn't have taken so long. I'm like you, if I know when I want to play, I want the times booked. I know they say you don't have to do it that early, but why take the chance?

tripletvan- I definitely suggest booking your times. As Lhargus said, there is a 48-hour cancellation policy, so as long as you don't forget to cancel before then, you won't be charged.


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