DVC Discount on LOS Pass ?


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Aug 21, 2000
What type of discount do we get as DVC members on a LOS pass ? I understand DVC calls it something else, but it boils down to a lOS pass doesn't it. Am I right to assume any unused days expire if you don't go to the parks everyday ?
10% off and you may drop the first and last night.
Does anyone know if they will give you the discount for everyone in your party staying in your villa? Or just the members that are staying in the villa?
Discount is valid for everyone in your party staying on the member's reservation.
That's great info - thanks!

One more related question: what if some members of your party will be there for a shorter duration - i.e. DH & I w/ APs are there 8 nights, but brother & nephew need LOS passes for the whole time, and niece and a friend are driving down for 4 or 5 days that we are there, and staying with us in our 2BR at OKW. Can LOS passes be purchased by us as DVC members for our guests for that 4 or 5 day time frame?

I'm thinking that the dropping of first or last night is about the only flexibility available, and the answer for the 4-5 day guests is a park hopper or something similar. But, I have assumed before and been wrong! ;)


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