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    Jun 16, 2006
    Does anyone know that if you book rooms through DVC will that count towards your room minimum agreement with the fairytale weddings? We are thinking about purchasing DVC before we get married. This way we can use the points not only for our own rooms but important guests. However, we want to be sure if we book the rooms for them through vacation club that it would count towards our agreement.
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    For the custom/wishes weddings, yes, any rooms booked with DVC points do count toward your minimum number of room nights.

    Guests booking DVC rooms or any other Disney Resort room having not gone thru the Weddings Reservation's department/filling in the form that came with the Save The Date's/or thru your DFTW website....you will just need to collect the reservation/confirmation #'s from your guests and give them to your coordinator so they are properly credited towards your minimum.

    I am not sure about the rules regarding intimate/escape weddings and using DVC rooms for your required stay. Hopefully someone will come along soon who can answer about that.


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