Driving to port-leaving TV on car in summer

Minnie's Guy

Mar 12, 2001
We have a comb. TV/VCR for the car (life-saver on our many
19 hr. trips to DW). Because of heat in August, we are
worried about leaving this on the car during our 7-day
Magic trip. Has anyone ever done this? It would be
such a waste carrying this on the ship, because we wouldn't
use it. Any opinions?:confused:
We have a custom van with a TV/VCR installed in it and have been to Florida many times during the summer months and it has not effected the TV/VCR.
I would suggest you get a sun guard for your windshield (You can get one at Wal Mart. Everyone down here uses them.) and try to make sure the rest of your car is shaded too. Cars will get very hot in the summer here, and blocking the sunlight is the best thing you can do to keep it cooler. If you look at your owners manual for the TV and VCR, I'm sure it says that you shoudln't store them in extreme temps, but with the sun blocked, you should probably be OK.

Will you be parking at the DCL lot or will you leave the car at one of the hotels? If you park at a hotel, you might ask to leave the car where it might be shaded by the hotel during the afternoons. Just a thought.
Another possibility if you are leaving it at the hotel is it might be arranged with them to leave your tv/vcr in the checked luggage area that most hotels have now. That way it would be inside with the airconditioning and wouldn't get so hot. :smooth:
Another possibility is to ask Shirley at The Perfect Gift if she'd hold onto it for you during your cruise. Shirley has made offers of assistance in the past and her offers are genuine... there's no ulterior profit motive... she's a very nice lady who would probably be quite happy to help.


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