Downsized Product Thread


Where's my Mai Tai?
Sep 8, 1999
I noticed either Office Depot or Staples running an ad for reams of paper for $1 recently. The "ream" is 300 sheets of paper (they are usually 500).
Recently one of them ran a pretty low price for a Case of Paper, which is normally 10 reams. The cases arrive and they look smaller, sure enough it was only 8 reams. OMG my office manager went balistic on them, of course they tried to tell her it was in the fine print. Yeah needless to say they eventually resolve the issue.
(In fact the bottom of the take out carton stated 28oz. ) I called them and complained that I’d asked for a quart as their menu stated but that this was not a quart. The owner replied “that is OUR quart” We stopped going there!
Have fun with them. I am sure your State has some truth in advertising laws. Though its probably to late now, let them know you expect them to adhere to the law and make it right or you will be happy to report them to your State's Attorney General office. 😁


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