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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Fast Pass, May 26, 2005.

  1. Fast Pass

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    May 1, 2005
    I have a technical question. I can't figure out where to post so hopefully you can help.
    First, I use dial up and the service is awful(something to do with the location of my house I can't get DSL) sometimes when I am posting a question or replying the internet is cut off. When I reestablish connecting, I find that my question has been posted twice although I hit the reply button once and the connection was lost midway through the message being sent. Sometimes when I am replying the same thing happens. I make sure I only hit the reply button once so I can't think of what I am doing wrong. Can you help? I have called my Internet provider and they were no help what so ever. Thanks

    I originally posted this on the wrong section,sorry!
    I don't know if this is related to the multiple e-mail question or not, sorry if I am double asking.
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    Jan 29, 2001
    I'm guessing it does have something to do with the disconnect, but I really have no way of testing that.

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