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    Apr 23, 2000
    Today was planned for sleeping in a little, then heading over to MGM for the afternoon and evening. But, since the crowds were so big, I figured we better head there at opening. Today we had to wait a while for the bus. It finally arrived and we're off to MGM (it's after 9 already, darn!) We head straight to the priority seating building (don't know the official term for this building) and make our PS for lunch at the 50's Prime Time Cafe. We got a 2:00 time. Great! Now, we go to TOT. OK, what should we do....get a FP for TOT, which has a 30 minute wait or get the FP for RNRC, which has a 25 minute wait (but the line looked a lot longer than that). We get the FP for RNRC, for a return time an hour from now. We get in line for TOT, but it was only maybe a 15 minute wait. This is a great ride! OK, now we have time to kill. We head back down the street to the bakery and grab a turnover (I skipped breakfast this morning, since I woke up a little late!). Sat and enjoyed that while watching the people (I could do this all day!). We head back to RNRC for our FP, walk right on! (This FP is great!). Another great ride! We head over to The Great Movie Ride, about a 30 minute wait. Now we head over to Muppet 3-D, no wait for this. Left there and headed to the Backlot Tour. We had a little wait here. They are starting to put up the Christmas lights for the Osborne display. I can't wait until next year to see all the Christmas decorations! We finish the tour and head over to the 50's Prime Time for our PS. Opps, there's Eeyore, Tigger and Pooh...gotta get my picture with Eeyore again!(This entire trip was a bad hair day for me, some worse than others! I know my first picture with Eeyore was a worse bad hair day than today, so I get, hopefully, a better one today with Eeyore). We decided to get a FP for the Indiana Jones Show. The return time would work our perfectly with our lunch plans. We check in for our PS at Prime Time. Had a little wait, then it's our turn. We've never eaten here before and I'm sorry we didn't! Our server, Claire, was great! I got the pot roast, mashed potatoes and green beans. It was delicious! Gary got the special, which today was chicken pot pie. He was sorry he didn't stick with his original idea of the fried chicken or pot roast. Oh, he also got chili cheese fries, yuck, but he ate them all, so I guess they were good! We left here, and timed it perfectly for our FP for Indiana Jones! Walked right in. OK, now what? We're done seeing all that we want to see (well, almost. I wanted to see the Hunchback show, but DH gave me a look as if to say "are you kidding!" when I told him it was a musical show, so we skipped it). We have too much time to kill before Fantasmic! (it's about 4:00 at this point) and we weren't about to stand in line for that now (although we overheard a couple people saying that they got there at 6:00 to be told it was standing room only left!) We tried to get a dinner package for this the night before, but they were all booked. We saw Fantasmic! during our trip last year, so we decided to skip it. It was very crowded last September when we were there, we couldn't imagine what the crowds would be like this time! So we headed back to Epcot. We headed straight to Test Track. I think it was like an 80 minute wait and the FP return time was like four hours away, so we went in the singles line. I don't know why people don't use this line instead of waiting! We didn't get the same car, but some people did, but it was well worth it to save all that time! We finished here, and headed over to Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, walked right on. Oh, I forgot...we went into the Coke iceberg display thing. I told my DH to try the Beverly one, it was supposed to be really good. Well, he got a cupful and drank it down! I wished I had a picture of his face!!! He didn't think that was very funny, but I did! We left there and headed to Honey, I Shrunk...walked right on. Walked over to The Land Pavilion, got something to eat here. I got chicken fingers and fries, pretty good. We left here and rode Spaceship Earth, walked right on. Left that and headed to the World Showcase to see the ToN parade. We found seats on a bench in Germany. Perfect! We sat there for about 15 minutes and I got to thinking...I better go ask someone if the parade comes by here. Now I know why we got great seats on a bench! We head back to the United Kingdom and got good seats on the curb right where the parade ends. OK, here's comes the parade...ho hum. I didn't like it. Sorry. We walked around to the American Adventure to grab a hot dog. We figure we would come back to Canada to those great seats we had for the ToN, to view Illuminations. I figured that since the ToN parade didn't come past Canada, they would be empty! Wrong!!! There was nothing around the whole lagoon, and it's only like 7:30! We ended up in Mexico. They have the walkway roped off for the parade, but there's a good area to view Illuminations. We had to wait on the other side until the parade went past. OK, get ready, the parade is done, run!!! Hey, where did all these people come from??? We ended up only 2 rows back, not too bad. Watched Illuminations...great show! Now, the stampede out of Epcot! Take the bus back to DxL, we had a little wait, but it wasn't that bad. Phone home, and sleep.

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    Another great installment of an excellent trip report. Thanks for posting this.


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    Apr 1, 2000
    We went to Fantasmic on this day and went in at 5:30. Let me tell you how difficult it was keeping himm busy for 1 1/2 hours!!! Wasn't it so crowded in MGM this day?


  5. Lynn CC

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    Aug 25, 1999
    I had to LOL at your description of DH drinking the Beverly Coke!!!

    The CM that worked there actually tricked me into trying it..(even though I knew about it from DIS).
    The label was OFF and he told me it was another country and it was his I took a nice sized gulp. I can empathize with your DH!

    Thanks for the memory :)

    I'm enjoying your reports!!

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  6. BrerMom

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    Oct 25, 1999
    I'm enjoying your reports. We're going to try Prime Time on our next trip, partly because I keep hearing so many positives about it and partly because we've never been there. Thanks for the info!
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    Feb 27, 2000
    Thanks for the wonderful trip report. :)

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    Mar 25, 2000
    I pulled the Beverly trick on Kara - wish I had gotten a pix of her face. Thanks for posting!

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