Dolling/Hyde Trip Report 10/05/10

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    I can't tell you how helpful reading everyone's trip reports can be so, I thought I would write a little bit about our day and who we used.

    We come from the UK so on the 1st October we took to the skies to cross the pond to get married in Walt DisneyWorld with 16 of our friends and family!

    Virgin Holidays C

    We booked our holiday and wedding package through Virgin Holidays which meant we were able to book either a deluxe package which meant all venues apart from the wedding pavilion and the premium package which means you can book the pavilion, which we did!
    There are advantages and disadvantages to booking through the UK, booking a package meant we were able to get on the dining plan but it also meant we paid for Virgin's wedding services which, if I'm honest weren't upto scratch. We didn't see anyone from Virgin while we were there and we received a call the day before the wedding to check we were there.
    I think I'd advise booking through Disney directly.

    Disney Wedding Planner A******

    Even though we booked through Virgin we are still assigned a Disney Wedding Planner who was Vita! I hadn't heard of anyone else who had Vita but she was an absolutely dream! All emails were answered really promptly and there was nothing too much trouble. She made everything so easy, and on the day she ensured everything ran like clockwork yet not pushed anything to finish too quickly!

    Disney Photography B+

    I'd seen a lot of comments on the boards about the Disney photography and I was really tempted to book an outside photographer but decided to stick with them and I was really pleased with the end result.
    We had Darren and he was really great with all the guests and they loved him, however the only name he couldn't remember out of the 18 of us, was mine!
    We paid for an additional hour on top of the escape package so we could have picks at Ohana's which was really worth doing. One thing to keep in mind is they really stick to their times so if you ask for 1 extra hour thats what you get.
    The photo album and disc arrived at the Wilderness Lodge, where we were staying really quickly which was great however, I there were better pics on the disc than in the album which was a shame.

    Wedding Pavilion A*

    What a dream to get married at the wedding pavilion!! It's such a beautiful location and feels so secluded and so subtly Disney!
    One little tip for anyone not using the Disney videography, however hard it might be, speak up when your reading your vows as our guests couldn't hear us.

    Rosie-Disney Floral A*

    Having to do everything via phonecalls and emails felt like it was going to make explaining flowers quite difficult but Rosie completely got what I meant and they were beautiful! I didn't want to leave them behind!!!
    I also loved the table decorations at the dessert party, your def in safe hands with Rosie!

    Ohana's-Wedding Breakfast A

    I love Ohana's and I thought it would be a great atmosphere for the wedding breakfast but I couldn't believe just how much effort they went to for Sam and I!
    We popped into the Polynesian to have a chat with the staff at Ohana's a few days before the wedding and they were sooo accommodating.
    Whitney, the manager organised for us to deliver our favours and thank you cards the day before the wedding and displayed them on the table for us.
    And then we were totally surprised on the day that they had organised for us to have real floral leis in our wedding colours which were absolutely beautiful!
    Whitney had organised with the restaurant Hawaiian singer to perform a traditional wedding song from Hawaii for us to dance to which was incredible!
    It didn't stop there when all the children in Ohana's then performed a dance for us which was fab!
    The food was great and we were really looked after!!

    Desert Party-UK Epcot A*******

    As an ex-UK cast member there was only one way for me to finish our day, a desert party at the UK pavilion and Illuminations!
    This was a complete surprise for the guests and as quite a few of them were also ex-cast members from the UK pavilion they were very excited!!
    I had booked transportation to take us to Epcot which then took us backstage at the UK pavilion which brought back sooo many memories for a lot of the group!
    There were more than a few tears through Illuminations for us ex-cast members as it brought back so many great memories! Our guide was brilliant and let us take loads of pics in the UK pavilion once the park had emptied a bit!!

    Disney Private Transport C

    I think there may have been a slight communication issue with the driver as he had not a clue where we were going!! Which we all took in great humour, however he started off by driving to the Polynesian, where none of us were staying. Then we went to Fort Wilderness 3 times before we got to the Wilderness Lodge. Sam and I then wished everyone else good luck to get back to one other Disney resort and 2 villas! The driver knew exactly where the villas were but couldn't find Pop Century!
    Everyone took it in good humour however it was a bit of a shame to finish the day like that.

    Other vendors we used included:

    Beaute Speciale A

    I wish I could remember the girls names who came to do my hair and make up as well as my mums and my bridesmaids!
    They were absolutely fantastic!!! I wasn't there long enough to have a trial first so hoped the pics I had would do the trick! The girls did an amazing job and I loved my hair and make up and it lasted all day, no touch ups required!

    Carolyn Allen A

    My dress had been squashed in it's box for 3 weeks and had travelled half way around the world so when I unleashed it, it was looking more than crumpled! However the lady from Carolyn Allen turned up and brought it back to looking brand new!!! I also had my veil steamed which looked fab!
    So worth the money!!!

    I hope you find the reviews helpful!
    I am so glad we chose a Disney wedding! We spend 6 months looking at venues in the UK but realised there was only 1 venue for us!
    I can't tell you how amazing our day was, I'm really sad it's now over but I've got some amazing memories that will stay with me forever!!!
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    Nice to hear some reviews from a UK bride!!
    Can you remember how much Carolyn Allen charged you for the steaming service please?
    Can't wait to here more and maybe see some piccies!!
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    I am SO JEALOUS of all these amazing big bang weddings! :)
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    So I know it was ages ago but here are a couple pics from our big day:
    Sorry they are massive!



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    Gorgeous!! I'd love to see more!

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