Does MS now accept calls from nonmembers?

Doctor P

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Jan 24, 2000
Seems like there has been more than one post recently of a renter calling MS directly. Does MS now accept calls from nonmembers to make changes to reservation preferences, etc.? Seems like more than one person reported having done so recently. Change in policy? Luck of the draw of CM's? Or did the renter pretend to be the member? Not trying to start anything, but it just has seemed curious to me to see these kinds of posts the last week or so.
The only people who can legally call MS are members and II exchangers. Renters and guests should not be calling them.
The last 2 years that i had rented points from member, i was able to call, give my reservation #, and have them check that it was a valid reservation. I was also able to make any change in requests and confirm them(non smoking, etc.) I was also told when i called one time that they indeed needed my address and ages of my party which i happily supplied.

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