Does anyone know how to "burn" Playstation games?


Sep 19, 1999
My nephews have 2 playstations and both boys are constantly fighting over the game. Is there a way to copy a Playstation game?
from what i understand it is possible, but you have to have a mod chip. i beleive that is put in the system and run very cheap. of course, it is illegal. so the only place that i know you can get them are off the net. that is as much as i know.
I guessing that's Big Tom as your signature, right?

But for burnt PSX games, don't do it. Since you make them, the industry looses money and is forced to push up prices. The FBI and many game companys are togther to bust piraters. Don't do it. Plus, most games are protected from burning and if you do it, the game will be messed up and the copy won't work.
<font color=blueviolet size=3>:rolleyes: My ex-bf had a mod-chip & his grandpa burned the games for him & they worked perfectly fine afterwards... it doesn't ruin anything...


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