Does American give credit for price drops?

Jan 21, 2001
On another thread I read that Delta gives credit or vouchers when the price drops an a flight that you've already purchased. Does anyone know if American does the same? We typically fly American because of our location and it would be nice to find out that American does this also. Thanks. Sharon
Bumping up. I want to know also, but I have a feeling if the price goes down they will change your tickets but will charge $100 per ticket fee to do so.

I am also wondering if they will credit you by putting the credit into vouchers for another trip on AA.
Thanks, It's worth a call if I'm in that situation. What the heck, if they don't do vouchers for price difference's, all that can happen is they say No. Thanks.

Let us know what happens when you call American. If our tickets ever go down (they have recently gone up $3) substantual amount I know I can get vouchers for the future.


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