Do you need a ticket to get into city walk?


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Apr 27, 2000
we will be in Universal studios for 2 days so we could have dinner on one of those days. But i would love to go to dinner our first night there. The first day we never go to the parks. Just hang out and usually plan a special meal.
No, you don't need a ticket, and they don't even charge for parking at night after a certain time (I think it was 7:00 PM in the summer, but it may be even earlier now in the winter ...)
We were there last month and they even have a special which includes dinner (at certain restaurants with pre chosen menus) AND a movie at one of the many theatres at Citi Walk for $17.00! We went to see Meet The Parents and then went to the Hard Rock and had the BIGGEST hamburger and fries that I have ever seen.LOL The tip is also included in the price too. Also parking is free after 6 pm! Hope this helps.


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