Do they feed babies?



I heard the care givers at Flounder's Nursery will not feed the babies. So, the longest you can leave the little one there is just between meals for them, right? Do you come and feed them and leave again? I have an 8 month old DS.

Has anyone used the nursery recently? How does the sign up process work? How many 'spots' can we get? We want to do some spa treatments and Palos, but not sure how to coordinate the nursery. Any ideas?

We're on the 7 night Magic.
We just got back from the're so lucky.

We have a 2yr ds....when we boarded the ship, dh and I split up with 2 way radios....he went to Palo's for reservations and I did the nursery to coordinate sitting. Hours are:
7am-1pm on Tues and Wed
10am-1pm on Thurs
1pm-4pm on Sun, Mon, and Friday
6pm - midnight every evening
$6/hr with 2hr min....

When you get there, they give you a form to fill out with all the times you want, and you * the top 3 times you want. They call you every evening to let you know what times you are approved for the next day. We got all the times we requested...I suggest you sign up for all the time you can cancel your time with 4 hours notice, but it's tough to add time after they sail.

Yes, feed your child before you take him/her there. They do not permit outside food in the nursery. They do provide crackers, juice and water.

Ratio of caregivers.....1 adult to 4 infants and 1 adult to 6 toddlers. Have a great time
When we cruised last March, I brought bottles to the nursery for my 8 month old son. The one afternoon that I put him in the nursery they fed him baby food for lunch. I fed him at night before I brought him, but they gave him a bottle. Perhaps the policy has changed.
That's good news - thanks!

duskysmom - you said you got all the times you signed up for. Did you use them a lot? Every day? Sounds like you liked them and had a good time.

We were hoping the evenings for dinner and later we could use them and possibly during the day to do a few things. We also have a 6 year old DS.

I guess your DH radioed you with the times for Palos and then you made sure you signed up for that time? How does that work?

Thanks again!
I signed my ds up every evening from 7:30 - 10pm except for Thursday. I wanted us to be able to enjoy the evening shows without him distracting us. Thursday evening is the night of Disney Dreams, an excellent show (ds is 2 and enjoyed it very much). 7:30 was earlier than I should have done....I had to leave right before dessert to take him there.

My ds liked the nursery the first 2 or 3 nights, but then said he didn't want to "play with the kids". We canceled one night. I think he was afraid he would miss something....:rolleyes:

My dh and I had a plan to go to Palo's on Sunday at 7pm...he went there to sign up while I went to nursery. The radios worked okay...I had to walk out into the hall to hear him. If you get on board early, you should have no problem getting the day/time you want.
Thanks again Duskysmom!

What time is 'early' to get on board? If we arrive to the port between 11:00 & 12:00, will that make us 'early'?
yeah, that's early....I think the desks open shortly after check in there and get your key to the world (kttw) cards there. Then you'll stand in another line to get on the ship. I believe we got on the ship around 1:15 or so. As I remember, I was at Flounders Reef at 1:30 when they opened and was one of about 8 people. Palo ressies start at 1. Friends didn't make their Palo ressies until around 2:15 and had no problem.
You said you got on the boat at 1:15. What time did you have to arrive at the port in order to get on the boat by that time? Thanks again!
although I wasn't checking my watch...:D ....I'm thinking our plane got in around 10:30....get off plane, walk in airport to disney rep....stand in line to get on bus.....bus got in around 12:15? (bus ride is only about 45 mins with a good video) Lots of people were there...the time goes quickly....they have videos and couches for kids while you wait in line.....What we would have done to expedite it?......When you go up the escalator, have one person with all your id go to the desk, and another get in line to board ship. But we certainly had enough time to do what we wanted.


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