Do I rent a car.

Shelley Kauffman

Earning My Ears
Feb 14, 2002
What should I do?
Rent a car or pay for the Disney transfers to get from airport to boat and then back to airport?
Will I have to pay to park the car while at the Hotel and while on the boat?
I have signed up for the 3 day land/4 day cruise.

I have never been on the cruise, but if we do ever go...then I would use Disney transportation.
Unless you plan on driving while at the hotel, I believe your best option is to use Disney transportation.

I hate to pay for a car that never leaves the parking lot!
It really depends on a few things.

Do you have little ones who might need something from the store?

Do you want to explore anything other than WDW?

What kind of rate can you get for a car?


We used WDW transporation for our first trip in 98 and it was land and sea and it was fine except waiting for the buses and lugging the stroller on.

Since then we've rented a car because we have 2 little DD's and it was convenient and cheaper that way.

Last Nov/Dec we did Universal/WDW and then the 3 day cruise. The rental was $180 total and then $21 to park the car at the Port. I felt that was cheaper than WDW transporation. We did use the car a lot but mostly at Universal, for dinner out. We used the car at WDW once to go buy some diapers and choc milk, I think.

If you don't think you'll need the car, then stick with WDW transporation.

I would use Disney transportation. We drive to WDW and use their transportation the entire time we're there, so it's certainly possible to go without your own car.


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