Disney's BOARDWALK INN Information & Questions

Contact is hit or miss, but you should get a call about a week before your stay.

CL CMs have access to the same reservation pool that everyone else has, so they will not be able to move a reservation unless the availability is visible on the dining site. You would do better to stalk yourself.

Are you talking about the Garden Cottages? I don’t particularly think one is better than any other, but since you have to walk outside and then back in and up an elevator to access the CL, it might be nicer to have one closer to the door.

I haven’t done brunch in a while - we usually arrive on a Sunday morning and head straight to a park, but I don’t think they serve Mickey waffles anymore 😢. Hope someone else chimes in with the other options.

Edit: I just realized this is on the BW forum. You might try asking on the CL one in order to get more feedback.
Yes garden cottages!

Checked in to my studio on 12/1. Had a garden pool view and got an updated boardwalk view. Think we are the first ones in this room and might have been the first in the area because they were still construction workers in the rooms next to us.
Pretty sure we were the first ones in our BW view studio on the 4th floor as well as they were still banging (at 0530) and moving furniture in thru the door right next to us … we really liked a lot about the updated studios …
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii just a few questions - we are booked for Marathon Weekend in a Garden Suite - Club Level. Has anyone stayed in these before? Will the club lounge reach out themselves with a pre-arrival email? If so, around what time before our stay?

Is it worth it to request a particular garden suite over another?

Also... think they will be able to help us out with any dining reservations for the most desired dinners? We have Ohana at 4 after the marathon but would love to even get it pushed to 5 (but not going to be upset if not possible!)...

Excited! Have only stayed in a BWV/DVC studio :)

Also, tell me more about the club-level brunch on Sunday? Is it really the sh*t or was it just like any other day?
BWI will call 5 days prior. I visited one just a few days ago! Gorgeous!

What many don’t know is that there are 3 without the garden but have a 2nd floor balcony. Personally I would love that. I did notice heading to the elevator there was a sign “garden cottages x,y z this way” pointing down the 2nd floor hall. The other ones all have access OUTSIDE on the 1st floor. So for me not having to go out would also be a perk.

So request balcony vs garden/ 2nd floor access if is matters . Otherwise wing it!

I haven’t been on a Sunday morning….

Usually when you check in to dining you can change party size in case they can’t fix it.

It is a bit better with Bloody Mary’s ! Mimosas always available upon request. (All day long, I checked….) 🥂😅😂

Wow, TWO towel racks next to the shower! A little close together, but we can make it work for the two of us.

And seating for four (or more if small people) at the dining table, plus two at the counter - that’s a great improvement.

We’ll miss the ceiling fans, though….
BoardWalk Villas Refurbishment Update - December 2023

Back in September, the first block of rooms closed for the wholesale refurbishment at Disney's BoardWalk Villas. All rooms with a BoardWalk View and a large block of Garden / Pool View rooms have been unavailable for nearly 3 months, providing hope that aggressive work would result in a shorter renovation timeline. However, that turned out to not quite be the case.

Disneys Boardwalk Refurb 2023 12b

Access to the villas appears to be the reason for the extensive room closure. All rooms in the westernmost wing of the resort are accessed by a single entry point just off the main lobby and upper floor elevators. All of those rooms were initially closed to facilitiate updates. However, only a small portion of the rooms nearest the elevators have reopened.

Disneys Boardwalk Refurb 2023 12a

The first section of the hallway has been updated with new paint, carpeting and Disney-themed lighting fixtures (above.) But guests cannot get far without running into a barricade beyond which rooms are still being updated.

Disneys Boardwalk Refurb 2023 12e

Immediately surrounding the Luna Park pool, scaffolding has been removed and exterior work is complete. The pass-through walkway is clear and the building has been freshly painted.

Disneys Boardwalk Refurb 2023 12c

However, a closer look at many rooms (below) reveals that the interiors are still being renovated. Plastic sheeting covers many of the windows and workers are visible inside many of the units.

Disneys Boardwalk Refurb 2023 12d

On the BoardWalk side near Crest O' The Wave, a crane facilitates exterior work. The Disney Vacation Club preview center is currently closed as the model rooms are updated. This disruption extends around the end of the building beyond Jellyrolls bar.

Disneys Boardwalk Refurb 2023 12f

And on the rear of this wing facing toward the Dolphin and Swan resorts, more construction equipment and vacant guest rooms are clearly visible.

Disneys Boardwalk Refurb 2023 12h

Disney Vacation Club room availability suggests that all Standard View rooms will be closed beginning in January 2024. The entire project is expected to be competed by spring 2024.
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My dvc boardwalk view for next week just got changed to garden view due to remodeling. I have never stayed in a dvc room before. This isba 60th bday trip that i was really looking forward to. Any advice.
My dvc boardwalk view for next week just got changed to garden view due to remodeling. I have never stayed in a dvc room before. This isba 60th bday trip that i was really looking forward to. Any advice.
Request Village Green ASAP for a partial BW view depending on you room type.
My dvc boardwalk view for next week just got changed to garden view due to remodeling. I have never stayed in a dvc room before. This isba 60th bday trip that i was really looking forward to. Any advice.
I’m sorry! The BW refurb is very far behind.

Put in a request for view of Village Green. That’s a partial BW view, and those rooms are open. It’s a difficult request to get because not many rooms, but you can try.

The other P/G rooms look over the Luna Park feature pool (noisy in the afternoon) or the quiet pool by Community Hall. The BWV hallways are legendary for being long, so you might want to request to be near the elevators (although the hallway to the BW view villas is very long too!).
This is garden view studio 5063...stayed there in July. Partial boardwalk view and you can see the boats arriving so you can time them... I would think when you arrive you could go to the desk and ask if there was any availability in this area they should be able to accommodate.. best of luck..will be there in April...the refurbishment should be done by then...right!?
Rental company not willing to do it
I'm not sure which rental company you used that was not willing to ask the Owner to put in a room request for you.

Two of the biggest rental companies require Owners to put in room requests:

From the sample Intermediary Agreement in the DVC Owner's section of David's website:
The DVC Owner agrees to be responsible for:
5. Processing all reserved guests' requests for optional add-ons and for specific room requests with Disney Vacation Club and/or Walt Disney Company ("Disney").

From the sample Intermediary Agreement in the Members Section of the DVC Rental Store website:
6. DVC Member agrees that upon receipt of requests or direction from The
DVC Rental Store, DVC Member shall:
d. Promptly facilitate directives from The DVC Rental Store on behalf
of the Guest including but not limited to, the addition to a
reservation of Disney Dining Plan purchases (in which event funds
to make the purchase shall be provided from The DVC Rental Store
to the DVC Member), Magical Express reservations, view location
requests, and Guest modifications (such as name corrections).
Guest is permitted to make requests for preferences or changes
such as: adding and registering additional Guests (if the
accommodation occupancy allows for it) or other location
preferences (with each such addition, request or change defined as
a “Directive”), A single Directive can have more than one allowable
request, change or addition.

I know The Timeshare Store (www.DVCStore.com) does rentals but they don't have a lot of info on their website.

I don't know what other companies are doing rentals these days.

If you pay for a subscription at TouringPlans.com, I believe you can put in a room request even if you are just renting and are not the Owner. But I've never tried it myself.


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