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Nov 18, 2002
A number of people have been asking about an All Star Movies Resort FAQ page. I haven't seen one, so here is my best shot. I will make, corrections, additions, or deletions on this first post as things come up.

What is All Star Movies?

IMHO All Star Movies is THE most Disney of the resort themes. It is the only one where the entire theme is about Disney characters from Disney films

From the WDW website "Stay at a Resort that salutes the legends of Disney films from Herbie, the lovable VW Bug, to the spotted pups of "101 Dalmatians" to the playful residents of Andy's Room. Imagine yourself under the bright lights of the silver screen, as the headliner in your very own all-star adventure!"

All Star Movies or ASMo as some have come to write it on the forums is the newest All Stars Resort ('99), although Pop Century is the newest value resort at WDW ('03).

Address and Phone Number:
1991 West Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
407-939-7000 (front desk)
407-939-7111 (fax)

Cinema Hall

Cinema Hall is the main building. It contains the front desk area, the "reel fun" arcade, "Donald's Double Feature" gift shop and the "World Premiere Food Court". When you walk in the front door of the building (at the bus stop) you enter the main hall that has a host of photographs relating to films through the years. The lobby includes a "movie theatre" so youngsters can watch movies while the check-in process is taken care of.

The front desk in the lobby has stations for Guest Services, and Check In/Out.

When you walk through Cinema Hall and exit out the back you enter Fantasia. It is more than just a bldg theme. The feature pool and the two preferred buildings work together to present the Fantasia theme. With the pool in front of you Toy Story is to your left, Love Bug is straight ahead behind the fantasia buildings and 101 Dalmatians is on your right. Mighty Ducks is on your right as well, past the 101 Dalmatians. It is the only bldg set that really is "a ways". It is actually closer for guests staying in Mighty Ducks to walk to the All Star Music Bus stop, than to the ASMo Bus Stop. Although it is the furthest, it also has the other theme pool the "duck pond".

Reel Fun Arcade: The Reel Fun Arcade provides guests with video games for their enjoyment. It is open from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. The games take tokens that a guest can purchase in the arcade. Some of the games reward players with tickets that can be redeemed for prizes.

Dining: The World Premier Food Court is in Cinema Hall. There are many options of food and beverages including the unlimited refills souvenir mugs. The refillable mug is a very hotly debated topic. My advice, just buy them for your trip, don't try to cheat. Also, there is a microwave available for use in this area. The food court is equivalent to the counter service restaurants in the parks. There is no "table service" dining at the Value Resorts. Also, no character meals are available at the value resorts, but bus service is available for any of the character dining in WDW.

Poolside Bar Outside of Cinema Hall connected with the Fantasia pool area is the "Silver Screen Spirits" poolside bar. *thanks JABEAR*
from AllEarsNet

The other All Star Poolside Bars are:
All Star Sports -- Team Spirits
All Star Music -- Singing Spirits

The Buildings

The buildings are the standard T shape Disney uses for all value resort buildings. The "top" of the T for each building faces the courtyard. Each bldg has 3 floors. Each floor has 64 rooms. Each building has an elevator, and ice machines in the center by the giant icon.

There are 10 buildings. Each pair of buildings has a theme tying them together. The themes are from the movies Fantasia, 101 Dalmatians, Toy Story, Love Bug, and Mighty Ducks. The buildings are numbered sequentially from 1 to 0, 0 being the designator for building 10. As you exit Cinema hall the building to your right is building 1. The rest of the buildings are numbered in order counter clockwise ending with building 0 to the left as you exit Cinema Hall. Each building has a unique "Icon" (3-story themed statue).

Building #, Theme, Icon
- 1, 101 Dalmatians, Pongo
- 2, Mighty Ducks, Duck Hockey Mask
- 3, Mighty Ducks, Duck Hockey Mask
- 4, 101 Dalmatians, Perdita
- 5, Fantasia, Mickey¡¦s Apprentice Hat
- 6, Love Bug, Herbie (Front)
- 7, Love Bug, Herbie (Back)
- 8, Fantasia, Jack-in-the-box
- 9, Toy Story, Woody
- 0, Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear

Preferred Buildings: As of May 06 Toy Story, and 101 Dalmatians have been added to the Fantasia buildings as "preferred" because of their close proximity to the Feature Pool, Cinema Hall and the bus stops. Guests may upgrade from a standard room to a preferred room for $10 per night (plus applicable tax). The only standard buildings are Mighty Ducks and Love Bug.

Room Safes: Each room will feature a small in-wall safe. Emphasis is on the word small. It will fit wallets, small purses, very small camcorders etc. but not much else.

Room Occupancy: Will 5 people fit in a room at ASMo? No. Rooms are limited to 4 persons, plus one infant in a crib. However, there are connecting rooms. This is a great option for larger families, as it allows for up to 8 people, two TVs and two bathrooms. Roll-Away cots are available, but due to fire code, can only be used in a King-Bed room.

Are "The Mighty Ducks" buildings as far away as they look on the map? Yes! You are actually closer to the All Star Music Bus Stop than you are the ASMo Bus Stop when you stay at the Mighty Ducks.

Each building has a similar floor layout as shown in this plan. I have done my best to recreate this. Please PM me if you have any corrections.


from AllEarsNet

All the All Star rooms are the same size and basic layout - 260sq ft with either two double beds or a King bed (disabled access rooms). All disabled access rooms are also connecting rooms. The other room is a standard two double bed room. There is a small dresser with a 19" TV (Disney channel and ESPN available of course :) ), a small table with a couple of chairs, and a nightstand between the beds. In the King rooms there are two nightstands. One on either side of the bed. Beware, the night stand is a little taller than the bed. You can hit your head on it if you are not careful. Each room also has themed movie posters on the walls.

Disabled Access: Disney Resorts have many options for those guests traveling with wheelchairs, or guests with hearing impairments. Please see the Resort Floor Layout above for information on king-bed rooms. There are a few different bathroom options for those guests using wheelchairs. TTY phones, visual signals for fire alarms, phones, wake up alarms, and door knocks are available for hearing impaired guests. These items are available in a disabled guest aid kit at no cost.

Room Service: Although room service is not generally available, you can have in-room pizza delivery.

Things you can request:
Non-smoking rooms
Connecting Rooms
Bed boards and bed rails
Refrigerators (additional charge, unless for Medical Reasons only)
Hair dryers
Iron and ironing board
The showers have shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash dispensers.

Can I hook up my video device to the TV? RCA inputs are available for video and audio (Mono) *thanks verchad for the info*

The Pools

You may bring the towels from your room. Should you need more towels, simply touch the Housekeeping button on your telephone to request more.

Pool hours are 8am to Midnight (lifeguards on duty 10am to 10pm). Quiet hours are 10pm to midnight, so please be courteous.

Feature Pool: The feature pool is a large pool in the Fantasia area right outside Cinema Hall with apprentice Mickey on top of the rock (from the movie) directing the show. In the background you can see the brooms carrying their buckets of water all along the front of Bldg 5.

Kiddie Pool: The kids pool is in the fantasia area near the laundry facilities and is Fantasia themed as well.
from AllEarsNet

Small Pool: The second pool is the duck pond. It is in the Mighty Ducks theme area. The pool itself is the duck pond hockey rink with goal nets on either end. Hockey sticks adorn the front of the Mighty Ducks buildings completing the theme.

Pop Jet area: Back in the Love Bug area there is a "Photo Op" location with Herbie and the "Winner's Circle". In front of this area is a flat, black and white checked area with "Pop Jets" that the kids can play in.


Transportation from ASMo is pretty good. Depending on the number of guests staying at the resort, you may have to share a bus with the other All Stars. During heavier times, each All Star Resort has its own set of busses.

You catch the bus at the bus stops in front of Cinema hall. Simply look for the sign with your destination on it and get in line. Warning: There are no shade covers or queue ropes at the All Stars.

Busses start running at least 30 minutes before any park opening, early opening or earliest breakfast PS.

Getting to the parks is fairly quick. Since ASMo is the last stop before leaving the All Star Resort area, you won't make an intermediate stop at the other all stars on your way out. But when you are sharing busses, you will stop at All Star Sports, then All Star Music, and finally All Star Movies when you return to the hotel. This can take a while for full busses.

Estimated Times (Provided by Chip n Dale Express from transportation forum)
MK - 15 minutes
EC ¡V 10-15 minutes
ST ¡V 10-15 minutes
AK ¡V 5-10 minutes
DTD ¡V 15-20 minutes
BB - TBD minutes
TL - TBD minutes

BB may be combined with the Animal Kingdom bus, and TL may be combined with DTD.


Play Ground: There is a kid's playground between the Toy Story buildings and Cinema Hall It's not large but it is a good place to burn off some energy for the young ones.
from AllEarsNet


Valet Services? Sorry, no. As a Value resort, this amenity will not be provided.

Bell/Luggage Services? Upon arrival, ASMo will offer Luggage Assistance for our guests. Not to be confused with "Bell Services" found at Deluxe resorts, Luggage Assistance will take your luggage, and store it while you enter the lobby and check in. Your luggage will then be automatically delivered to your room within an hour of it becoming available. You do not need to be in the room for luggage to be delivered, so you can go off and play in the parks. When you get back, your luggage will already be there. We will have refrigerators for food and medical usage. (All food *MUST* be factory sealed) We will also have a locked area for valuables such as laptops, cameras, and other electronics.

When checking out, luggage service can come and pick up your luggage, and store it until you are ready to depart. Please call the night before, to arrange a pick up time. If you call the same day there may not be any availability left. Minimum one hour notice required. Those of you who opt for Express Checkout will receive a voice mail reminding you of this option, as well as other Express Checkout info.

You do not need to be in your room for drop off or pick up.

Should you wish to handle your own luggage, we offer the use of our hand carts. (Not the "bird cages," but push carts) Usage of the carts is free, however, we will require a credit card on file, should you decide to take one home as a souvenir. We also do ask that guests limit cart usage to 30 minutes, so that other guests may use them as well.

Tickets and Passes: You will we be able to pick up Park passes, E-Ride night tickets, MVMCP tickets & wrist bands and Candle Light Processional Dinner package badges & coupons (that have already been pre-paid) at the guest services. Buying park passes at the desk is the most expensive route. Check out Maple Leaf Tickets. If you purchase passes over the phone or are arranging group passes, you can have them delivered to your resort desk to pick them up there.

Can you walk to any parks or other destinations? Not really. The only exception is the McDonald's directly outside the All Star Resort area. This "Chez Mac" is outside of the resort area and any of the parks, but it is on WDW property. Prices are comparable to other McDonald's in tourist areas.

Rentals of Surrey bikes, boats etc? Sorry, the All Stars do not have any of these things. Pop Century does have Surrey Bike rentals in addition to the moderates and deluxes. If you want to rent boats, go para sailing or take advantage of other outside of the park recreation, you will need to check availability at the appropriate moderate and deluxe resorts and travel there.

Can you see any fireworks from ASMo? Nope.

Will ASMo be getting those large groups? (Cheerleaders, Pop Warner, etc)
The All Stars do get the large groups. There is a general tendency for each of the All Stars.
All Star Sports: High-School, College, and Young Adult and/or groups of the same go to All Star Sports. When there are thousands of cheerleaders, they can overflow in to the other All Stars. The special check-in facility for large groups is located between the All Star Sports and the All Star Music.
All Star Music: Couples tend towards All-Star Music. It tends to be quieter and is more spread out.
All Star Movies: This is the favorite among the kids. Many kids prefer this resort to any of the others. It is usually the adults that want the Deluxe resorts. This is the resort I took my group to in '03. They were great.

Laundry: At each pool area, there will be a laundry room with washers and dryers.

High Speed Internet is now available in the rooms: You will need a cable LAN port available on your computer. No wireless is available at this point, and I don’t know if it is planned. The cost is $9.95 per 24 hour period that you use it, which can be charged to the room. The LAN cable is near the phone on the nightstand. If you want to use your computer on the table, you will have to either move the table or bring an RJ45 barrel- connector and another LAN cable to extend it. I suggest a 20ft cable if you plan on extending it.

Local Internet Phone Numbers: Please note, although these numbers are local, you will incur a 75 cent per call access charge on your room.
AT&T Phone #

AOL Phone #

MSN Phone #

Bellsouth Phone #

Phone Charges: If you are calling inside of Walt Disney World, there is no charge. If you make a local call, calling card call, or toll free (800, 877) call, there will be a $0.75 surcharge. (This includes dialing your laptop modem) If you know you're going to be making long distance calls, I would recommend a pre-paid phone card, or other calling card types. Direct long distance rates will be billed at the full AT&T operator assist daytime rate + a 55% surcharge.
Thanks for putting this together. Now how can we get this added to the "stuck" resorts FAQ thread?:confused:
Just back from ASMovies. Yes, our tv had rca inputs on the front, one for video and one for audio, not stereo.

Also, when crowds are heavier and there is just 1 bus going to all 3 of the all stars from a resort, Movies is the last to get off. So, either be prepared for a long bus ride if you stand or wait until you can get on a bus with a seat. Especially handy to know for older, injured, or disabled people.
I have a few questions.
Are the pools heated?
Is the McDonald's close by more expensive than a McDonalds outside the park?
Is there a lounge/Bar?

- Yes, the pools are heated. I have always found them comfortable. (March, June, October)
- The McDonalds "Close By" is out of the "parks" but on WDW property. It is on the "spendy" side for "chez Mac" but comparable to other McDonald's in tourist areas such as Honolulu, Vail, DTD etc.
- There is a poolside bar, but I don't recall the name.

Silver Screen Spirits *thanks JABEAR*
Thanks for taking the time to get this info together!! I really enjoyed reading the Pop Century thread before our trip there in September, now I'm all set for reading this one for our January stay!!


January 23-26 ASMO **DH AND I SOLO TRIP!!
Sept. 18-25 Pop Century

Thanks for all of the hard work. Speaking for all DISers, it is people like you that make these forums work. Awesome job!

BTW, According to the current Birnbaum's, the pool side bar in ASMo is located in the main pool area and is called "Silver Screen Spirits".

The pool side bar in All-Star Sports is "Team Spirits" and the ASMu bar is "Singing Spirits".

Thanks Again!

Thanks Stephen! Great job! Great infos!! Though this is a value resort, this is one of my favorite places to stay! You can't get any Disney than this! Pop has a lot of Disney larger than life icons too, but not as much as ASMovies. Our favorite section is the Buzz/Woody section. This is btw our first disney resort, so lots of great memories there.
I made a few edits and added a link to maple leaf tickets.com

I hope TREKKER adds this to the "stickied" FAQ thread.
Thank you so much for all of the great info.
Will be going to ASMo in Dec. (first visit to WDW in over 2 decades) and your info. was greatly appreciated.

Suzy V.
I am thinking of staying at this resort when I travel to WDW on my own in February. I'm looking forward to doing loads of research on this place.
Does anyone have a picture of the "Pop-Jets" at ASMo?
I was there a year ago, and I never saw them.
The Pop Jets are located in the Photo Op area in the Herbie the Lovebug Courtyard. Specifically they are in the black and white checkerboard area in front of the steps. They are more for decoration, but the kids can still play in them. I'll try to dig up the pic I have with the water in midair.
Thank you so much! This was a lot of help. Now can anyone help speed up time so we can leave on our trip? Getting anxious here. :Pinkbounc
Thanks for the FAQ! I'm SOOOO excited; I just got my dates with the code even though it was sold-out. My TA is fantastic. She kept calling back. ;) (Hi Susie!) I can't wait to take my little guy to this place with a 4 storey Buzz and Woody. Plus it's saving me a BUNDLE! :)

Can anyone tell me anything I "must do" while I'm there or any tricks or secrets about ASMo?

I've got to start packing!! :earseek:

Beth :earboy2:
The value resorts do not have a lot of "extras" Just cruise around and check out all the details. Let the kids play in each of the play areas. THere is only one playground, but each themed area has something for the kids to play around or get pictures on/in.


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