Disneyland Hotels worth the price?


Earning My Ears
Oct 17, 2019
We visit Disneyland so often, and usually spend all day every day at the parks, so off-site works for us. Occasionally we will splurge for Disneyland Hotel if we can get a good discount and we are using points for a VGC stay this fall. I definitely would not do that every time, though, as we don't spend enough time in the hotels for it to be worth it and there are fewer perks.


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Apr 7, 2013
It all depends. We've only stayed offsite once as a family. If we can't stay onsite, we don't go. It's super magical and the perks (EMH, better accommodations, closer proximity, bubble, etc are all worth it).


May 1, 2015
To me, it’s totally worth it, especially if you don’t go that often. Unfortunately I’ve since out-familied the regular rooms (there’s 6 of us, and the max per room is 5 :’( ), so we’re forced to stay off property now.

My top choice is GCH with Downtown Disney View. Having the music drift up through your door at night added a lot to the magic (that’s a nother wonderful benefit; all rooms have a balcony) Woods view is much more quiet, and you should be able to see the Monorail go by if you’re in the right place.

The Disneyland Hotel, I’ve grown to love almost as much, mostly because the pools are just so great, and it feels more traditional Disney than GCH (rooms have mickey hands holding lamps and other decor). I also enjoy the cheaper rooms, where you get a view of the pool, far more than the DTD view, which I don’t like as much. Mostly because when you’re up too high, you see more city than Disney. So low levels viewing the interior/pool area are best for me at this hotel.

I went to Paradise Pier once. I didn’t really like too much about it, except the Goofy Statue in the lobby, and some of the views of CA are pretty neat. But if I had to choose between this hotel and non-disney hotel, I’d choose this one.
  • Canooknic

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    Dec 20, 2012
    We stayed at the Marriott last summer and really liked it.
    Not a long walk and we had a room overlooking the park so we watched the fireworks from there the night before we left so we didn't have to deal with crowds at closing time! Would definitely recommend it


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    Apr 7, 2013
    Our mindset is that vacations are so few and far between for us that we refuse to scrimp when it comes to them. The DLR hotels are so great, why not make the most of a vacation. Never stayed at Paradise Pier, and based upon being in the lobby, I have no desire to. It's not a Disney hotel even if currently owned by Disney, so we will continue to stay at either the DLH or GCH&S. Love both, but our hearts lie with GC.
  • pindecisive

    No I want that one...wait no...that one...no wait
    Jan 14, 2007
    Onsite all the way!

    I've stayed budget ($40 a night and driving 15 minutes in), $80 maingate and walking, at PPH for about $350, and I've also flown in for the day and not gotten a hotel.

    Personally I think if your party has 2+ people, and you plan to visit for multiple days, staying onsite is 100% worth it. Not just because of magical mornings, or getting a fancy lanyard and pin set, but because it is so much easier to start and end the day if you don't have that far to go. You won't think it makes a difference. After day two, it makes a difference.

    I haven't stayed at GC yet, but the difference between PPH and maingate - I wouldn't do maingate again unless I was very seriously on a budget. My favorite way to visit is to get the earliest flight, fly down from Northern California in the morning, Uber over, spend the day in DL, get picked up at the Disneyland Hotel by Uber, and fly back home. I save up my airline miles so my flight is basically free and I only pay for my Uber and my Disney ticket. It's about $350 for the total trip.

    Yes, you do pay more to stay "onsite" but personally I think all the perks make it worth it.


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