Disney Queens 11-05 Report, Part 3: Bugz Lightyear

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    • habitual greed or excess in eating

    So the gluttony begins! We walked, which was only about 10 minutes, over to the Artist’s Pallet and ate and checked out the main pool area that is right in front of the restaurant. This resort is so quiet! I felt like half of it was empty. After we got back to our condo, we all took a nap, well most of us. I tried a lame attempt at it, but I was in Disney mode! I just wanted to get the heck to the MK! We had reservations at CRT for a 6:30 dinner. We all finally got out of the condo and to the MK at about 3pm. My first sight was of the Train Station and it had a painted canvas of what it’s supposed to look like over the real thing ‘cause they are working on it.


    It was kinda weird, like seeing a painted canvas of Cinderella’s Castle over the real thing. We finally got inside and I walked up the steps of the train station to take a picture of Main Street and the Castle from up there. Yes, I got all chocked up, finally arriving at my favorite place to visit! I wanted to stay up there a few more minutes but I don’t think the others would understand it being that they aren’t Disney freaks like me. We made our way through the thick crowds and had our first picture taken with the Photopass Card in front of the Castle.


    I had one taken with my camera and wanted a couple more with mine, but my group was not cooperating. I think they were all grumpy and still tired. They had better get used to picture taking ‘cause I ended up taking 294, which is less than I had planned on taking! We headed over to Tomorrowland and trekked our way through the sea of people and got fast passes for the 3 of them. I can’t do rollercoasters due to my heart thing. We then rode Stitch, COP and TTA and then headed over to CRT for dinner.

    This is the first time we have eaten at CRT and I’m glad we did ‘cause it is now a signature restaurant requiring 2 dining credits. Even though I liked it, I wouldn’t use 2 credits in the future on it. In fact, I wouldn’t use 2 credits on any of the restaurants we ate at all week. If I’m going to, I expect it to be spectacular, like a five course meal or something. I ate so much beef all week, but none came close to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I LOVE that restaurant. I wish I could afford to go there every month, or once a year! So we ended up waiting about ½ hour past our reservation time. We had fun people watching and eaves dropping on conversations. It’s so funny catching mid-conversations. We watched all the little girls in their pretty costumes dancing around. There were so many little girls in costumes that I don’t know if some of the parents realized that this was not a character dinner. I felt bad for those little ones if they expected to see Cinderella at dinner. But alas, the princess herself showed up in the lobby, probably not knowing that the Disney Queen herself was already here, but why no one wanted their picture with me is a mystery. There was a mad rush of children over to her and her handler had to shout some orders to everyone. Whoa! Being Cinderella could be dangerous. I thought she might be knocked over by the stampede of little costumed girls. While we waited for Royal Whitaker party to be called I snapped a picture of my husband on the ‘throne’. You know how men are with there ‘throne’ time! hehe


    Finally! The little chimes go off and we’re called. I at last get to eat at my Royal table! Geez don’t they know not to keep the Queen waiting this long! We had a very uninteresting waiter. My party wanted to order drinks ~ as in give me a little alcohol in that glass please. Oooops, did I forget to mention that MK is an alcohol free zone? My mistake (if I told them, they wouldn’t want to enter the front gate at MK). The waiter would not cooperate with slipping them anything, he wouldn’t even take the bribe money! We made it through the ‘dry’ dinner. I’m so stuffed I can hardly walk.

    We left CRT and went to Space Mountain so they could use their FP’s. They all agreed that SM is not so good after a big meal. We then headed over to Buzz. I thought a little competition after dinner would be fun. Well we get in line and are meandering our way through the corral and I love to people watch, so I’m checking out this little boy that has a pierced ear, he must have been about 11, and I just can’t believe his parents would let him get a piercing so young, so I’m looking at his parents trying to figure out if they are hippies or something when I turn to say something to Kelly who has a strange look on her face and I look down at the ground to where she is looking to see what’s going on down there and OMG!!!!!! A GIANT roach crawls right over my shoe! Now you have to understand something about my upbringing ~ my mother ‘ruined’ me as the AntiMickey says. She instilled in me 4 very important things: The fear of God, bugs, thunderstorms and snakes. The AntiMickey is happy about the first thing, but the last 3 drives him absolutely CRAZY!! If there is any kind of insect in my general vicinity I freak. I can barely step on one without thinking that it’s really not dead and it is just hiding on the bottom of my shoe and is secretly plotting to crawl up my leg and bite me. Why oh why did I watch Arachnophobia when I was little? I know there are millions of bugs scheming to get me. So now back to the GIANT roach ~ oh yea, we’re in the South so it’s called a Palmetto bug! Puullleeeaaassee! It ain’t any prettier called by another name. So I’m freaking thinking its family is pulling up the rear, my head is darting all around looking for the family reunion. We make it up to the front of the Buzz building and a CM is coming down the corral looking up at the building and up in the tree. So now I’m really freaking, thinking that something else is loose around here. I ask him what are we looking for and he said that word has it that a lady in line saw a roach (hello, that was me!) and he is now looking for it ~ UP IN THE TREE!!!! AND ON THE BUILDING!!! I’m panicking now; you mean Disney has roaches in their trees and on their buildings? Am I gonna have to carry Raid with me this whole trip? Am I gonna have to watch every step I take under trees and next to buildings? This CM didn’t have any weapons on him. Was he gonna step on any he came across? Doesn’t he know that they will just crawl up his leg? Oh thank goodness, we made it in the building without any more attacks! That was too intense.

    Everyone is tired and we start to head down Main Street to leave but Spectro Magic will be starting in about 15 minutes so I coerced them into waiting for it.


    We watch about 10 minutes but Kelly looks like a zombie by now, so we decide to leave. I never got to see the whole parade all week. It was declared later that they hate parades and fireworks! I’m spending the whole week with the AntiMickey Association!
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    I am with you on the bugs.........I freak out major ......we saw one big one when we were at Indiana Jones..in MGM.....we were in front row near the sound stage area and this huge and I mean huge......My little feet could not had squished it even if I could of.....I mean I have the same phobia....it will not die and crawl up my leg.......blahhhhhhhhhhh

    Thanks so much for your report and a can of raid is going on my list of things to bring to disney........hahahah
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    Enjoyed reading your report ~ Thanx for posting.
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    A good start to your adventure - thanks for posting and for the pictures!

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