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Jan 12, 2008
Oh I think there’s a ton they could do with the Imagineering series. Just go through each individual park and explain why theming is done the way it is in certain parts. Show some secrets, some not easily identified stuff. Basically bringing the “Imagineering Field Guide” books to life.

As good as those six episodes were, it definitely left me wanting more, as much of it was pretty broad themes and topics, not a whole lot of nitty gritty detail.
Oh yeah, I mean they devoted, what 6 minutes to the cruise line? You could do at least one full episode just on the ships

I think more topic based episodes could be cool, even if overlap a bit on what already covered. Like one on evolution of animatronics, one on plant life and the role that okay, one on expanding existing parks and challenges that brings, one just in attraction maintenance, etc


Mar 24, 2019
There is a whole lot more Imagineering could be done on Cruise Line, not just the ships themselves but Castaway Cey and what about a little tease on the new port of call in Lighthouse Point (Joe Rohde is the head of this project so I am really excited to see some concepts). What about expanding to do some Bio's on some of the Imagineering Legends like Marc Davis (my first name is Mark and when you go thru the que of the Haunted Mansion there is a Head Stone to Grand Pa Marc which my grand kids get a kick out of my future gravesite).
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