Disney furniture? A unique piece. Need help!


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Apr 13, 2005
Good day, hope this finds you all well.

New kid on the block here needs some help.

I recently purchased a bed frame for my son. It is amazing. I bought it at a charity auction. It is the head board, foot board, and rails, in the shape of the peter pan bed.

They states that the bed was commisioned by a disney artist for the disney store. The bed was suspended from the ceiling as a display when peter pan came out. The art work is amazing. Also, on the head board is a small brass circle that says " The magic kingdom collection" by Lea. I have searched the entire internet for days and cannot find anything out about this piece of furniture. I paid $300. for the bed. Not sure if I overpaid, or got a deal. Either way, doesnt matter. My sons loves the bed and it was for charity. Anyone out there know anything of this?

Please email me!! Apluswholesalers@aol.com

Thanks and God bless!!!


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Dec 24, 1999
Can't help with the bed but I can say "Welcome to the DIS"...


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Dec 3, 1999
The bed you have was made by Lea Furniture (LADD Industries) approx 1979. It was part of the Magic Kingdom Collection that was a joint effort with Disney. At the High Point Furniture Market introduction, Annette Funicello even showed up briefly to help kick it off.

There were six different collections: One was Tomorrowland- a futuristic looking group made of white painted chip core with silver plastic tambour doors and red and blue accents. There was a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs group that was done in dark oak I think. A friend has that bed. There was a rustic looking pine group representing Frontierland. There was also a white girls group. I remember one of the beds in one of the collections looked like a rowboat.

In the east, the series was carried by Levitz, and in Baltimore, Levenson & Klein carried three of the groups. I was a buyer for L&K at the time, and my wife still has the pic of Mickey and me shaking hands after making a successful deal to carry the line. Sorry I can't remember much more.

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Jun 18, 2021
Thank you so much for that Post, long ago. I have the Snow White Bedroo collection out of hand carved Oak. I have not found any mentions of LEA tor this furniture until I found your post. Thank you!!!!!