Disembarking Day, Later Flight?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by vicnmickey, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. vicnmickey

    vicnmickey I wish I was Cruising

    Feb 21, 2002
    Our flight on disembarking day doesn't leave until 3:10. Is there anything at the airport to do? Would we have time to catch a shuttle to Downtown Disney? Any suggestions!
  2. lpursell

    lpursell Mouseketeer

    Jul 20, 2002
    Vicnmickey, We have the same problem. There are 7 of us and 1 needs to catch a flight at 12:30 and the other 6 of us don't leave until 3:35pm. We have arranged with Yourride to pick us up at the port at 9am.

    Here's what I've learned so far. We can ask Yourride to take 6 of us to DD and the 7th to MCO. Of course then we'd have to arrange to be picked up at DD 3 hours later and taken to MCO and it would cost more money.

    I've just asked on the Transportation board if there is a mall or park near MCO. There has been one response that there is a Florida Mall about 15 minutes from MCO but I doubt if there is a free shuttle service. If you have your own rental car you could easily go to DD or the mall. Evidently there is a little mall at MCO with WDW and Sea World stuff to buy. Hope this helps, Linda

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