discount codes for campsites


Earning My Ears
Feb 11, 2001
I have read on the resort forum about discount codes for resorts. Are there any for the campground? Don't tell me the code, just where to find it. Thanks
I've never heard of any discount codes for campsites. Sometimes the codes will apply to the cabins though.

You can get discounted rates if you're a AAA member, or have a Disney Club membership. They also offer great rates in the fall - usually called Fall Fantasy.

Maybe someone else has heard of codes for campsites though? Scott?

- Rhonda :-)
Camping Board Co-Moderator

I also am not aware of any either..

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Although there is no code for this special (that I know of), they are offering discounts at FW starting August 5 of $31.08 per night in loops 600-800 and $37 per night in 100-500. Hope this helps someone.


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