Discon II Newbie Question


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Dec 27, 2001
Okay myself and family will be at WDW Dec1-7th and have been watching this board and although we will be at MVMCP 12/3 we can't make CHEF MICKEYS before the party. My question is I would love to participate in a few mini meets - lunch somewhere in the park - a ride - get an ice cream whatever - so even though I'm not official signed up for disconII can I sign up for some mini meets with the family and if so were do I/we do this. I have know idea what to expect - but the thought of a bunch of people from all over the country/world sharing their enthusiasm of WDW at WDW - Makes me sooo happy we are going to be there for part of DISCONII

All and any info is greatly appreciated :)


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Aug 19, 1999

Most certainly you will be able to participate in the "un-official" mini-meets. You don't need to be registered for DISCON to attend them.

Mackey Mouse (Marsha) will be posting the official itinerary and the un-official mini-meets soon. All of the details haven't been worked out yet.

So far for un-official mini-meets we have: MVMCP on 12/3 and 12/8. And the Hoop-dee-doo Revue on 12/3.

So stayed tuned to this board for updates.


Dan Murphy

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Apr 20, 2000
In reality, yasuern, the unofficial, mini-meets, IMO, were almost more of what DIS-Con is about. Informal groups, coming together in the weeks/months before DIS-Con, here on the DIS, and then getting together at WDW is really magical. You'll see. 10 people here, 14 people there, 3 here, 22 there, etc, etc. It really is something to share and enjoy. Last year, I actually probably spent more time in small groups than the big ones. Nice thing is, just as with WDW itself, you can do whatever you choose to do.

Looking forward to meeting you, yasuern.



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Aug 23, 1999
I agree with what Dan said. It was the mini-meets that really rounded out DIScon 2001. There will no doubt be a repeat of the Dole Whip meet and the thrill ride tour just to name a couple. The will be something to do around the clock if you desire. You can participate in one or many of the mini-meets. Or you can make your own magic. This is one time of the year when you are bound to see lime green ribbons no matter where you look.

See you in December!!!


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Jul 23, 2000
just one more note for you....

Once the official itinerary is out then a list of mini meets will start forming. Patmin will have a link to a DISCON schedule in his signature that will list all of the official and non official DISCON meets (thanks Patrick!) so keep an eye out for it as it really helps you pick which meets you want to attend. If you have an idea for a meet or want to host a mini meet then just email Marsha (Mackey Mouse) with your idea. Hope to see you there!


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