DIS party for my birthday! Thanks John!

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    Jul 8, 2013
    In 2017 for the Epcot party my group rate at Pop was cheaper than the AP rate at All Star Sports for the 8 nights I was there. The AP rate was cheaper on the weeknights by $5/mnight however the group was much better on the weekend nights so overall the group rate was cheaper.
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    Ok good to know.
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    yeah, made me look at a moderate as well - depending on what the DIS rates are - but same search I did shows Coronado for $222.80/night, Port Orleans for $248/night, and Caribbean Beach for 227.40/night

    BTW - Pop is coming up at 168.80/night and AoA at 205.40/night

    Again, this is right from the website and maybe other promotions going on, etc.
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