Directions to Albertsons?


DIS Veteran
Aug 23, 1999
I know I've seen posters mentioning Albertson's this the one on John Young Parkway? Does anyone have good directions from either VWL or BWV (or both?)

And also, has anyone stopped in at the Chamberlin's Natural Foods store in that shopping center? What is your experience with it?

We generally shop at both a natural foods store and a regular market, so this seem like it may be the ideal situation...both in one shopping center!

Go on the Albertson's web site, select location and there will be a locator map. I believe we visited the one on S. Orange Blossom Tr. off 535 on our way from the airport to OKW. The store was very clean and they have in store discounts (do not need any discount card). Reasonable prices.
There's a new Winn-Dixie near Goodings. Go out to 535 as if you are headed to Goodings, take a left (heading north), and it's just past the 3rd stop light on the right.


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