Dinner! early/late/rotation


Earning My Ears
Jan 19, 2002
We like the idea of late seating so we don't have to cut the day short to dress for dinner.

Does Disney offer the main production show before or after dinner for the late seating crowd? (if it's before, then I guess we defeat our own purpose)

Also, what rotation is best if you want Triton/Lumiere's for formal night?...how do you get that rotation, or is it luck of the draw?

Sorry for the lame questions, but I feel like a soldier in training for the Disney Cruise mission!
The shows for late seating are before dinner, but I think it is still better than having early dinner.

I would much prefer to miss show if I chose to sit by the pool an extra hour than miss dinner!!!

We just got back from the 1/19 cruise and had late seating. The show for late seating are at 6:30 and last about an hour. Dinner is at 8:30- this gives you an hour to get ready for dinner. I did this a couple of nights. We loved the late seating and will choose it again. As for the rotation, we had PLA- so we were in Lumieres for the first formal night and in Parrot Cay for tropical night.

No question is lame! Keep reading this board and ask any question you have and you will feel much better about your cruise.
They have the show before the late seating of dinner. We had this seating and really liked it, and have selected it again for our next cruise. You don't have to dress for the shows, so it does save time that way. We would change for dinner in the time between the show and dinner. From what I recall, that was always plenty of time.


Well, I finally figured out how to use the "priority" Palo reservation perk in the Amex White Glove Treatment Adventure Vacation Package. It's great! I called my Amex TA, who really didn't know anything. I then called the Castaway Club who told me that my TA should have rec'd a fax or letter that they needed to fill out w/my preferences and then return. Well, I called my TA and passed along this info and about an hour later I rec'd a call directly from Debbie at DCL who took my Palo reservations! I am very pleased and excited not to have to rush around after boarding and stand in line to make this reservation. For those who don't know, the "Adventure Package" costs $149, and the perks include $250 on board credit (with that perk, I don't know why everybody who is planning on paying w/an Amex card doesn't take advantage of the Adv. Pkg), priority ressies at Palo, and a choice of the flex feature (we chose the free character breakfast at WDW).
Thanks everyone!

Annetta, I actually just emailed Amex for White Glove details, so your post answered more of my questions.

Wow!...you guys think Disney gives great service...I didn't even ask the question yet and you already answered! lol:D


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