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    Now you have to understand when considering the service we received that we were a group of 14. That would be 8 adults and 6 kids ranging from 9 to 20 months. We were on the dining plan but had so many meals that some were out of pocket. I can't remember everything that everyone got so the reviews are more general. Ok, first night...
    Rose Crown and Pub
    This was the worst meal of the entire trip some of it being my family's fault not the restaurant. My nephew fell and hurt his knee and screamed about it all through dinner (most of it was being tired). However, the entire meal from the time we got there to the time we left was over three hours! Service was very slow, drinks took forever to get out. Now I understand we were a large party but even for a large party the wait was really long. The food was bland at best and the portions were small. We got to watch the Illuminations but could not even see the fireworks in the sky because they did not pull back the tarp. We ate outside and the temperature even in the evening was in the low 90s.

    Safari Celebration Grand Gathering Meal
    This meal was great. We arrive at the Bird show and everyone gets organized. One of the early surprises of the night was an exclusive Safari Grand Gathering pin for each person. Since I am expecting, our guide gave me an extra one. Then we went on a VIP tour of the Safari. We saw all the huge animals like elephants, hippos, baby giraffes and even lions up close. It was really neat. When we came to the Tusker House, they already had bread, and three types of salads and drinks waiting on our tables for us. Then you could order more drinks other than water. Then they brought out prime rib, lamb stew, chicken, cous cous, an African rice, and potatoes. The first prime rib was a little fatty but that is how I like it and the second serving of prime rib was more lean. The lamb stew was delicious and I didn't get a chance to try the chicken. A lot of our group didn't like the cous cous but I thought it was alright. While we were eating, drummers played some African music. Then the second surprise of the night was that Chip and Dale showed up. All the kids got their autograph and pictures. Dessert was a really good chocolate cake. Then the buses took us straight back to our resort. The service was excellent and the food delicious.

    Coral Reef
    I really can't say too much about the Coral Reef. My husband and I split the shrimp pasta. I was a little disappointed by the shrimp pasta because it only had 6 shrimp. I tried my SIL's steak and it was really good. The lobster soup was really good. And we had a great view of the tank, but I expected more for the price. I thought the service was average.

    50s Prime Time Cafe
    Overall my family had the most fun here. I had the most fun at the Safari but my family had the most fun here. I loved the atmosphere. They really put a lot of thought into the decor of the place and several times actors came out and played out a scene. We had an awesome server who was just the right amount of playing up the mama but not too much. My husband, BIL and SIL were spitting paper at each other and my Dh only did it once where everyone else did it a bunch of times but he got caught and was supposed to sweep the floor but he didn't. Mama kept calling him the bad seed. She called my youngest SIL Ma Bell because she was on her cell phone. She didn't yell at me about eating my grean beans because she warned me before I got them that they weren't any good. So she just came out and said, "I told you that they weren't any good." When one of the kids forgot to say please, she would say, "don't worry the please was implied." She was really funny. She kept picking on my DH and made him set the table and picked on him about all the colas she kept having to bring. So it was a lot of fun, but don't go there for the food. The food is basic stuff that you can get at any roadside diner.

    Breakfast at Ohana
    I was in love with the resort first of all. It was so beautiful with waterfalls and plants and the fact that you can take the monorail straight into Magic Kingdom. Anyway, the breakfast. The breakfast was pretty good. Basically, you got eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit, and Mickey shaped waffles. I thought the eggs were good (we got runny eggs but they brought more well done eggs on request for those that liked them that way), the bacon was ok but tasted baked not fried, the sausage was ok. I loved the Mickey waffles. Also our server brought my husband some Kona coffee and the juice was really good. The characters were Stitch, Lilo, Mickey and Pluto. I thought Stitch did a good character interaction, Lilo also did a pretty good character interaction and the baby kept hugging Lilo which was really cute. Pluto seemed to go by kind of fast and Mickey was about average time spent with the table. The service was good, the breakfast pretty good and I would do it again.

    Whispering Canyon
    This meal was the second worst meal of the trip. The server was not on top of things and was slow to refill drinks and slow to bring stuff out. A few things we ordered for the all you can eat never got refilled like the cornbread and the shrimp took forever to come out. The ribs were burnt, the chicken was average, the beans tasted bad and the BBQ sauce had a sour taste to it. The whole idea was that the place was supposed to be a lot of fun and maybe after a full day at Magic Kingdom we were not in the mood, but we found a lot of the stuff annoying not fun or funny. Like the kids ride around on these wooden horses at certain given times and people are supposed to get up and do the hokey pokey. But it was loud and annoying while we were trying to eat instead of a fun like it was supposed to be. The kids didn't really want to participate much in our group.

    Hoop Dee Do Revue
    The last night we went to Hoop Dee Do Revue
    They were really good about getting us seated and getting our drinks. The cornbread and salad were already on the table and the food came in a timely manner (which it should have because everyone was getting the same thing). So many people have given reviews of the Hoop Dee Do Revue that I don't feel the need to go into a lengthy explanation but the food was good but chicken, ribs and mashed potatoes for $50 a plate seemed a bit skimpy to us.
    I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the show although I thought it was a little corny and probably would not have enjoyed it as much if my son did not get to go on stage to play the Texas Ranger. That made his night and my night. I thought our server had an attitude and for a $76 tip she should have been kissing our butt. But the show was good and again they took us back to the resort. Of course the rest of my extended family missed the bus so we went back with out them. They were doing something.

    Overall comments about the DDP:
    The DDP allows people to order tons of food. More food than I would ever order. I would never order an appetizer just for myself. The counter service meals were really good and with a little bit of effort, we managed to get a variety. The kids meals were small and offered few choices. I did not like that the servers got 18% tip regardless because we had some average-bad servers like the Hoop dee Do Revue, Whispering Canyon and Coral Reef.
    So those are my reviews-I hope they aren't too cynical but they are honest.
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    Thank you for sharing your reviews!

    I thought they were fine, not too cynical at all. I actually prefer a review like yours, that lists the reasons behind the review, versus a review where someone 'loves everything' or 'hates everything', with no reason or any details to go along with it. I say yours were well done!
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    Thanks for your reviews - I thought they were jsut honest, not cynical at all. I am glad to hear you enjoyed the atmosphere at 50s PT - I am thinkig we will go there in April.
  5. Uncleromulus

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    Jan 28, 2001
    You called it as you saw it--nothing at all wrong with that.
  6. unctigger

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    Jun 28, 2000
    Did you have any problem "sharing"?

    Daughter and I are going for a few days and neither are BIG eater...but we do have the ddp. Have ressies at coral reef and was thinking about sharing an entree and desert just paying out of pocket for an additional appetizer and drink. Would this work?

  7. Dis Ohana

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    Nov 21, 2005
    I was on the fence about WC -- now I'm glad I decided against it. We love to have fun, but we also really like to unwind and relax for our TS meals. Our kids are older too, so yeah...the horse thing did seem a little annoying to me :laughing: . I think 50's Prime Time would be more our cup of tea for that sort of thing. Appreciate your reviews, thanks for posting.
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    You called it as you saw it ~ Certainly nothing wrong with that.
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    Jan 28, 2005
    Thanks for your honest reviews. I'd rather read about what people really think with no sugar coating;)
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    very honest review, thank you ;)

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