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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by chainkid, May 15, 2007.

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    Apr 3, 2001
    I have a question about the dining plan. We have over 30 people going down for 10 day stay at the BWV in 8 different Villas. We all want the dining plan but my problem arises when one couple will not be coming in until mid week and another couple is leaving after 5 days.

    Option #1 let couple #2 use remaining credits from couple #1 Is this allowed?

    Between the two couples someone will be there for 10days. Obviously the couple who arrives with us will have to get and pay for the whole time but I was hoping that since they won't be around to use the balance that the othe couple could buy those from them. This not sharing is throwing me for a loop. Originally I thought about changing room assignments so that one villa wasn't on the plan and throwing everyone else into the other villas even if they ultimately didn't sleep in the dining plan Villa. I have a grand villa with only 8 people in it so I could do this but it seems like it would be a mess to do it that way.

    Anyone have similar problems? Again we all want the plan for our full time but some people's full time is only 5 days. Just when I thouhgt I had the planning down to a science, another wrinkle develops. HELP:confused3
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    As long as the two couples are staying in the same room, and all four people are registered on the hotel reservation, for the entire time, then yes. Otherwise, no. The Dining Plan is non-transferable.

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