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Feb 25, 2001
I'm going to book my Trip On-line pretty soon and want info from people that have used the Deluxe Plan before. Is it really worth all the $$$? What are the Meals like? What about the "unlimited recreation"? What is all this stuff? I also heard you get VIP Seats at Fireworks and stuff like that. And Character Breakfast is also included. Is any of this true? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
It's not a good deal for MOST people b/c they can't find time to do all that stuff they've paid for. Most of us on these boards think we get much better deals by booking everything separately. Do a search on the theme parks board about the reserved seating -- there's been a thread about it recently. I'm not sure I would book on line. You can only do a package, and every time I've keyed my dates, etc., in, the amount given has been high. Unless you are going real soon, you might want to read these boards for a while before you book any thing.
Way back when before Disney had any thing for honeymooning couples we did the Grand Plan. It was our honeymoon and well it was special. I don't think I will ever do it again because I have learned so much from the Dis. I think that you couldn't really use any where near what you will be paying for but if this is something very special or money is no object maybe it is a way to go. Read these boards and you will make a good decision. My DH would never had rented a pontoon boat had we not had that plan and I wish that we had a video camera it was the funniest thing I ever saw him trying to dock that boat. I am laughing about it now 18 years later.
but there are situations that can make them an excellent buy. 95% of the time you save alot more money booking everything individually yourself. You can get nice size discounts on the room with the Disney Club card, Annual Pass Holders discount and staying during the value time period. You can get discounts on passes with AAA, Disney Club card and Annual pass holders discounts.
Another thing with the packages--- they take you away from the parks. Unless you're staying for a while that's usually not something you want to do. That's were they really get you. All the activities sound great but are you really going to have a chance to do it. Every year they throw in passes to the Wide World of Sports and we have yet had a chance to go. There is never enough time.
There are times when it a great idea. If your staying 14 days a game of golf, horseback riding, fishing,boating, etc... is always a great break from the parks. And the cost of these activities can really add up. And character meals and fine dining for that many days can be quite expensive also. So on a long trip where you want activites (outside of the parks) and sit down meals, its a great buy. But save yourself some dough book your packages through AAA. It's the same package just cheaper.
Also a package may be a good idea for a very short trip w/sit down meals or character dining. I don't know if they offer the deluxe package on a 3 day trip or not. But you wouldn't want to do a deluxe package on such a short trip--just a bare bones package with room, tickets & meals. Our first Disney trip was a 3 day trip booked through AAA. It included the room,passes and meals. The meals really made the package worth it. We did charater breakfasts each morning and dinner shows at night (including Poly. Luau & Hoop-de-doo)
Only you can determine if the package is going to be right for you. A good way to do that is to price everything individually. Find out what's the lowest price you can get for everything individually then add it up.
Good luck and have fun. :D

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Will hubby ever let us stay anywhere else? :rolleyes:
What I did in order to take advantage of sitting at my own PC and plan my trip was this.

I planned the dates I wanted to go and booked online with airfare and resort magic package -

That way I had the dates I wanted at the resort I wanted.

I then called WDTC and had them change it to a room only reservation - instead of the one with resort magic. I also had them apply my DC number and got a discount on the room.

We plan to buy PAPs since we will be there 12 days this trip, and plan another trip within 12 months.

I suggest that you consider the online reservation just a start and once you have that consider trying to get discounts.

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