Delta Summer Fares Lowered


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Feb 28, 2000
I have been checking the Delta website everyday hoping that our August fare would be I checked and it finally went down from $209 to $169..I snatched those up as fast as I could!!!!! So,to those of you who plan on flying Delta this summer,I suggest you check to see if your fares have been lowered!!! Good Luck!!

I noticed that yesterday too. Also United, USAir and SouthWest to name a few have also dropped their summer fares. I booked my July trip out of Wash. DC on United for $157 (I could've gotten $150 on the internet, but wanted paper tickets because of the possible labor issues). I think the fare was only good until Friday the 13th.


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Did the same on a flight from Newark, NJ. I have been checking Continental and Delta Express regularly for a late August flight. Went on the Continental web site Wed. and the flights that were $239 last week were $159.50. Did not hesitate and booked our flights on-line.
Thanks for the tip! Gonna check that with my TA right now. :cool:

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Thanks for your post. I JUST bought my May tickets from Delta from GSP to MCO for $185. Last week, the same flight was $267. That same ticket is now $145. We never see deals like this -- seems like big cities or cities farther away from Orlando have to good deals. Don't ask me why it costs more to fly from SC to FL than northern states. I guess we just aren't blessed with being a hub city.

My question--has anyone ever had Delta credit you the difference on a dropped price -- like with a voucher? We have gotten US Airways to do this in the past. If so, I can use my extra $40 per ticket to go ahead and book flight for our September trip at the $145 price and not have to drive! I can't believe I might could fly in September right around Labor Day weekend for $105!

Thanks for the post!

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There should be no problem in getting Delta to issue a voucher for the fare difference. You won't be able to redeem it for your September trip on their website though. It may be easiest to call Delta and put a hold on the September flights and then go to a Delta ticket office or the airport ticket counter with your May tickets and have them handle the whole thing (credit and purchase) at one time. You can try to do it all on the phone; I'm just not sure if they'll be able to or not.
I shouldn't be surprised that you would be the one with the answer, TravelSheryl. We lurk on your site often. Priceline is a dream, but I haven't had the courage to bid on airfare yet since I am so picky on times. With the voucher, I won't need too!

Thanks so much!


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